Anyone found out the sex of their baby yet??


May 4, 2005
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Hello Everyone,

Was anyone told the sex of their baby on the 20 week scan??

Was anyone told it was not possible to find out at this time???

I am having my scan tomorrow and am hoping to find out the sex but a lot of people have said they have been unable to find out - has this happened to anyone??

Rachel x x x
When we went for the 20 week scan we asked them not to tell us because we want it to be a suprise but both of our brothers wanted to know the sex of their baby when they went (my newphew is 16months and my neice is 8 months).

They both asked and while my brother and his wife were able to find out, my brother-in-law and his girlfriend were told that the baby had it's legs crossed so they couldn't see. Aparently this is pretty common so try not to get your hopes up too much in case your baby decides to be shy!

Good luck !!
Hi Rachel!
My aunt went for her 20wk scan when she was pregnant last tear and she was so convinced that she would be able to find out the sex. But unfortunatly the umbilical cord was between the babies legs(NO harm to the baby tho) and the gp asked my aunt to stand up and walk about then try again to see if the cord had moved. But unfortunatly not. So my aunt could not find out the sex.

But hey keep your chin up, You never know, you could be one of the lucky ones. Where everything will be fine and you will be able to find out the sex of your beautiful baby.

I am also 9wks and 5days pregnant. But I am not really showing at the mo. It looks more like a podge of fat than a bump. Is this normal?

I just really want to show of my baby bump. when I get one that's all.
I hope your scan goes well tomorro.

Keep Intouch and let us all know weather you could find out the sex or not!

Love Danielle x
I remember that same feeling Dani, all I wanted was for people to be able to see that I was pregnant, mainly because I felt like such a fraud going round baby shops, I wanted everyone to know that I was shopping for me!

I just felt like I looked like I'd put on some weight for what seemed the longest time. I think because at the beginning you put on weight all over (bum/boobs/hips etc.) that the increasing size of your bump isn't as noticeable but then the weight gain in those places soon slows down and the bump gain overtakes.

I'm now really proud of my bump but people still tell me I'm "neat" and don't look like I'm 9 days away from having the baby.
Hi Becky!

That is so cute. I am really exited to get a bump. But i really do not want stretch marks. I just want to go back to being nice and slim. My friend was a size 8 when she fell pregnant at 9 month she was a size 16. Then 3 months later. no dieting or nothing she is back to her size 8 and no stretch marks. How lucky ha sshe been. I wish I could end up like that. My sis is also preg and due the same time as me and she has a bump and it looks great and she has been out buying baby clothes and it really makes me jealous. I am not ready to do that. I miscarried at the end of january at seven and a half weeks and i am now 9wks and 5days but i still think it is too early to go out and but anyhting. It is like I feel like I am tempting fate. My sis is so confident that everything is going to be alright and i am still just a little worried. Donot get me wrong I am gratefull that i fell pregnant again so soon and i am happy but i can not help but worry!
Hello Dani,

Thanks for your reply.

I was lucky enough to find out the sex of my baby!! Its a Boy!!

I went in for the scan not getting my hopes up but hes not shy at all - legs all over the place!!

Am really pleased! :D
At the same time, some times you dont get a chioce in finding out the sex of your baby, I really want it to be a surprise, but I know someone else who . . . ehm saw it was going to be a little boy!
That's the wonderful thing about babies - they have minds of their own and if they want you to know something - you know it ;)
i went for a scan today hoping for them to say what sex my baby was but unfortunately it wan't meant to be - they do think its a girl but said not to buy a lot of pink things just in case, they were not that certain -so i am pretending that they could not see anything and it's going to be a surprise. It's just so hard now to buy things because everything is either blue or pink. But at least it will be a nice suprise when my little bundle of joy arrives.
Ive decided to keep it a suprise, so Im just decorating everything yellow in a classic winni the pooh style. Go for yellow, white, green or aqua colours then you will be fine. I think a surprise is nice, that way you get to surprise everyone else when you phone them to say you have had a boy or girl!
I cant wait till we find out the sex of our baby. We have 2 boys, but we dnt mind what we have. We wanted to know wiv our other 2 , but the hospital wouldn't tell us then, but they have changed it all and do tell now . My next scan is not till 7th July, so got awhile yet . :cry:
well our nurse who did our 20 weeks scan was a horrible *?! and wouldnt answer any questions or listen to a word i had to say but she did say she though it was a boy which ive said all along. so i say its a boy! got to go bk on monday (a week from now) to have to scan finished becase the litttle bugger kept curling him bum into my pelvis so she couldnt finish her measurements!! hope me get a different women next time! xx
My scanis next week, and they have a no tell rule here in Northern ireland, but as i am also paying for private care i have bullied the doctor into telling me! I am hopingit is a boy as i haven't seen one girls name that i like so far, and boy i have been looking!!!! good luck with your scan.

kind regards.x
Hi Pink Lady

I'm in Belfast too - the Royal - due in November. I don't think I want to know the sex till it's born though. I have more girls names in mind that boys ones. What boys names are you thinking of?

Was thinking about the private option but have no one to ask about in Belfast as my family/friends are elsewhere. Who did you go to if you don't mind me asking? I've got the caseload option where I'm assigned a midwife so I'm fairly happy with that but can apparently opt for a private consultant at any stage in the pregnancy.

Look forward to hearing from you.

Hi, i am in holywood, and will be delivering in the Ulster hospital. I see a private NHS docotr, DR Roberts at dundonald consultants rooms. He is very nice an dthe scans are very clear we get from him, but to be honest it isn't all that glam, i odn't even know why we paid all that money now. I will be treated by him the whole way through the pregnancy and he will deliver it too, but no private room or anything and i have to go to the main hospital for 5 month scan still so it all seems a bit of a waste! If oyu will have your own midwife i'd say that would be enough really.

Hope this has helped in some wy! I LOVE the name Oliver and the name Chester is growing more an dmore on me, but not one girls name! my sister in law is sending me a book of irish girls names so i'll see if theres anything interesting in that! My scan is on 25th and i hope i will be told what i'm having. Have you got any idea yet? what about twinges? i get some full painin the abdominal area and a lot of trapped wind!!!!!!!

Hope all is well an di hear from you again

Pink lady
Hi again

No idea what the baby is. I had strong feelings that it was a boy at first but they've kind of faded now so I've no idea really. My friend is also going private outside of Belfast and has a similar view to you - is starting to regret paying so much when it seems I'm getting as much one-to-one attention with the NHS.

My favourite girls names in Irish are Aoife, Niamh, Caoilin (pronounced Keelin), Orla and Caoimhe (Keeva). Boys would be Niall, Conor, Aidan, Daragh and Eoin. I'll probably opt for an Irish name as I like the fact that they've all got meanings and history behind them.

Practically no symptons for me yet - all is very smooth and the first scan was great. Good luck with your pregnancy - by the way there's a Bounty website where people rate the various hospitals so you can go and see what they thought of the Ulster Hosp. on it.

Chat later

I am so anxious to figure out the sex of my little one...First they told me 20 weeks and now they are telling me they don't do them until 24 weeks :cry: but I think I will fight for it to be sooner at my appt on June 7th :wink:
with my first I was pregnant in Essex (uk) and they WILL NOT tell you the sex in fact they get upset if you even ask, idiots, with my 2nd I moved to Devon at about 8 months pregnant and they did a scan and said it MIGHT be a girl (they were right) this time (I am still in Devon) they said they are sure it's a girl at my 20 week scan even showing us in detail how you can tell the different and why they think it is a girl, I couldn't belive how helpful the scanner was this time, complaired to Essex.

However, the down side this time is my midwife if a total waste of space and time and in inaccessable and basically not interested in any worries I may have and she is the only one at my local Doctors so I am pretty much stuck with her, the other day she came out with "I never wanted children" then why is she working with pregnant woman, no wonder there is no empathy.
Hi all
To gatecrash on Happy and PinkLady's conversation about names, we have picked Irish names too, my husband is a Murphy.
We've got Erin Keira for a girl (Erin actually means Ireland!) and Keira I'm not sure what it means but husbands cousin has that name and we love it.
For a boy we've picked Finlay, Fin for short, which has Celtic origin. No middle name for a boy yet.
Have fun choosing ! x

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