Anyone feel movement yet?

Tiny Sue

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May 26, 2005
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It might be just me, but I always thought that you wouldn't feel the baby move till quite late in pregnancy, like 20 weeks or so. I'm sure I feel the little one move! I get a slight sensation, low down, just right of centre, that feels like a butterfly in there trying to get out! :lol:
And today on the train, I swear, the whole baby did a flip! It felt amazing!
I'm not carrying twins, I know that the technician only saw one baby when I had my scan two weeks ago now... and feeling quietly amazed that this baby is so active! :shock:

Please don't tell me it's gas! :oops:

Anyone else?

I havent heard anyone have feelings that early on even with your second your only meant to feel it at around 16wks. I sometimes get bubbly feelings but then my tummy will rumble but occasionly I swear I know what side its on by twinges or aches I get where I'm convinced its pressing on things!
with Amy i think i was arond 17 weeks before feeling anything, it also depends on how thin you are apparently.

this is my second and i thought i felt something today then realised it was wind!!! :oops:

i spoke to the online midwife and he says i wont feel it moving til 16 weeks plus even though its my second
the baby is too small at the minute for it's movements to be felt!! even when 1st kicks are felt it's only like tiny bubbles popping!
We're off on our holidays to Latvia and Russia this week folks... be back on the air on the 24th and have my proper three month scan on the 26th...

Good luck to all you ladies and hope you all feel great for the next while...

Thanks for all the support when I wasn't feeling the best...

Still feeling it move very active the last few days. I hope everything is fact little tyke just kicked me now!

Well I think you're really lucky! I can't wait to feel something ... I definitely get pains as my insides re-adjust to this new growth but no butterflies (which is apparently what it can feel like early on). Perhaps you just have an active baby that is impatient to let you know its there and growing! Sounds healthy! Good luck.
Everything is fine!

The baby waved and we saw a hand! Cute little fingers! He/she was moving around all the time while the doctor was scanning me, and everything seemed a good size for the stage it's at, etc.

Woohoo! :lol:

I'm just feeling my insides being stretched and alittle blubbering inside (Does feel like bubbles moving) But no sign of baby! early days! Once it happens I am sure I will know it was the baby! nearly 17 weeks (My scan said 18wks) So hoping it will be when I am on Holiday in a couple of weeks, because I will notice it as I will be relaxed oh well it will be playing soon enough!
Hi Sue

My baby was very active during the scan too, waving and kicking, turned right round to face us and then turned the other way. Me and my boyfriend were absolutely amazed. It was the most wonderful experience ever.

I tioo felt littke flutters like butterflies, i know its the baby and not gas because i have never felt anything like that before i was pregnant.

I think the baby was either kicking my bladder or moving around by it yesterday as i kept having a strong need for the toilet and then it would stop for a few seconds and then come back, it felt very strange.

Cant wait to feel the baby kick when it gets bigger. Are you going to find out if your having a boy or girl?
Hi Jojo,

I'm DYING to know what we're having, but I'm a little superstitious about it. I mean, the surprise will all be gone out of the experience, won't it? We did a few of the old wive's methods of prediction, all of which seem to indicate a girl, though!
Here's a funny story, though. when my sister-in-law was having her first, her husband decided to find out, but she didn't want to know. The doctor told her husband that they were expecting a girl. He told all his side of the family, and lots of pink clothes and toys etc were bought in secret. My sister in law had a boy! So even the doctors can get it wrong!


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