Anyone else on CD2 at the moment?

Discussion in 'Trying to Conceive' started by liz_milne, Feb 13, 2012.

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    Jan 31, 2012
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    Just wondering cos feel like everyone is so close to ovulating time or in their 2ww and feel very alone at the moment!

    I'm only on CD2 of a 26 day cycle (I think!?!?!?). I have been religiously a 26 day cycle since having my daughter over 8 years ago, but January decided to throw me a curve ball by giving me a 36 day cycle! Yep, 10 days late! Had all the signs and that is why I joined this site to get support etc.

    We are/were not TTC but following my symptoms etc. I got in January (was due 1st Feb) it's really made me feel like my biological clock is ticking and would just love to have another child before my daughter is too grown up!

    So was just wondering if anyone else had a short cycle and is roughly the same CD as me? Also I think (judging by last few months) that my LP is about 13 days, I also have a short period of only 2 days, 3 days MAX! Although I was so late this month, still it started late Saturday morning, got heavy by Saturday night with crippling cramping (never get cramping that bad) and was easing off by Sunday night. Today, just practically nothing when I wipe. So still a short menstruation.

    Sorry bit of a long winded post and will also be putting another post regarding periods, looking for a bit of reassurance!

    Liz xxxxx
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    Hiya hon :) You're cycle is very similar to mine! I'm on cd3 today and ahve only really bled properly for 2 days,which is quite normal for me. Still spotting a bit tho... I usually have 25 - 26 day cycles but last year, I had a 36(ish) day cycle which was mental! Who knows??!! And I also seem to have a 13 day luteal phase - so you're not alone!

    This is my 7th cycle ttc now - seems like it's never gonna happen atm, but trying to stay hopeful! You're so lucky to already have a little girl :) I think my cycles are normal anyway - I definitely ovulate as have had blood tests and been checking temperatures and a luteal phase over 10 days is supposed to be fine, so I wouldn't worry too much... Also, think on the positive side - if your cycles are so short, you get about 14 cycles a year (I worked it out!) so that's got to increase your chances of a BFP - 14 chances a year! Keep in touch cycle buddy :) xxx

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