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anyone else feelin generaly fed up


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Sep 20, 2007
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hello ladies, ive been feelin realy agitated and moody these past few days and i keep bein in a bad mood and snappy all the time. its rly gettin to me, like the smallest of things is gettin me angry. its nuthin imprarticular.
its ridiculous. i feel sorry for everyone around me who r takin the wrath of it. anyone else like this? :wall:
i had a few months like that, i have just got used to it! :hug: :hug: :hug:
Yup me! Im getting fed up with everybody and everything. My DH is away on business at the mo and it feels like he is never here and I feel very neglected and unloved. :( I know its 90% preggo hormones doing it to me but it still doesnt make me feel any better!

Its probably for the best that he isnt here cos i have made a big list of all the things he promised he would do since we moved in (over 2 months ago) and he still hasnt got round to. Grrrrrrrrr. Poor bugger wont know whats hit him when he gets home tomorrow!!!

Yeah im feeling v fed up, everyday is the same and its really boring! I just have no energy to do anything but hate sitting in house, arghhhhhh!!
fed up aint the word! aint got the energy to go out bit fed up of sitting in the house! arrrrggghh come on baby!!
yep right there with you ladies :( i am so fed up and uncomfortable i feel like crying :(

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