any advice on DIY cervical checks? sorry TMI!!

Discussion in 'Third Trimester' started by petchy, Jan 20, 2006.

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    May 31, 2005
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    right, i'm so huge and uncomfortable now and have had period-like niggles on and off for the last 3-4 days. so day before yesterday i decided to have a careful poke "up there" to see if i could feel my cervix and if it was hard or starting to soften.

    after much experimentation i finally found that sitting on the loo was the easiest way to get round the obstacle that is my huge bump. literally shoved my fingers up there as far as i could get them, but not really knowing what i was feeling for :oops: not even sure if i reached far enough up to feel my cervix - i just felt some soft squishyness, but as i said not sure if i had actually managed to feel high enough up. (if i did, it must be really soft! lol)

    i know some of you girls checked yourselves and gave yourselves sweeps in the later stages - please give me some pointers as to what i should feel for? if i couldn't reach my cervix, does that mean it is still high and not ripening at all do you think? or could it be that it's already softening and dilating a little, so it just feels more like an extension of my vagina, hence me thinking i've not reached far enough at all? my whole "bits" did feel very swollen anyway, so no wonder sex hasn't been very pleasant! lol

    i wish i had longer fingers!!! lol :oops: there's no way OH would be willing to "help" he's not keen on things like that. he's squeamish, and also wouldn't have a clue what to feel for. at least i have some sort of idea of the female internal anatomy and stand a better chance of him of being able to figure it out!

    come on baby, come out!!!!!!!!
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    May 2, 2005
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    Hi Petchy,

    I did this on a few occasions, and i also found it easier on the toilet.

    You go in and up as far as you can, there is a lump/bump at the top and by now iwould imagine it is squishy, if it is starting to open there will be a hole in the middle of it.

    After i had an internal and she told me she couls feel baby's head i tried it and found i could get my fingers right in the cervix and touch baby's head to and thewater bag bulging out!! Lol

    Idon't know how else to describe it. :?

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