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Another food thread...


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Jul 7, 2007
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I have just had for my tea Jacket Potato with Tuna and Cheese and some microwave Egg Fried rice. I'd never dream of having egg fried rice with a Jacket Potato any other time so why is it when your preg you mix unlikely foods together??? :shock:
Sounds alright to me, I've had steak and kidney pie with a jacket potato and cheese with mushy peas :lol:
Oooh that sounds yummy.
I've really been wanting tinned tomatos on toast for some reason this week - i've not had it yet but i think i'm going to have to soon
Babylicious said:
My mum craved that with me, and picked onions :lol:

Spooky i've just bought today a jar of Silverskin pickled onions :D I'm going to eat them when I'm a Celebrity is on. My night is planned :rotfl:
mmmmmm ive jus ad spag bol

i never ate fish at all until i was pregnant and now i love tuna - wierd eh
Haha ive been the same with beetroot this week i cant get enough of it...ive brought yet another jar ot munch my way through tonight and best of it the whole jar is only 102 calories haha!!

Kinda evens it out as im planning on having cornish clotted cream ice cream with syrup and pecan nuts for after tea hahaha. :rotfl: :rotfl:
We're having chicken and pesto pasta salad for tea tonight, followed by something extremely sweet and fattening, maybe trifle mmmmmmmmmm.
mmm sounds like were all having some lovely meals this evening.

I've just had gnocci with a gorgeous homemade mildly spiced tomato based sauce with lots of parmesan shavings, t'was lush!
I had a Pizza Express pizza tonight, although I did give Matt and Barney a slice each and it was an 8" one. We do have coconut sponge and custard for afterwards though :D

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