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Discussion in 'Trying to Conceive' started by Dee1985, Nov 9, 2005.

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    hi my friend is 26 and been on the pill since she was 16 she has had her whole life planned she has been despo for a baby for yrs but she wanted to do it all correct first so she got her morgage got married finished her her a levels, now she wants her baby.but has been trying since march she is gutted think she just fort she wud catch straight away. would it have something to do with being on pill so long? and now im expecting my 2nd i no she is feeling hurt she never expected this i no there are ppl out there been trying longer but would it be something to do with the pill do u think????? :?: :?:
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    I'm really sorry your friend is having trouble TTC and I hope it doesn't take her too much longer. I think it can take longer for the pill to come out of your system properly the longer you have been on it but apparently it can take up to a year to get out of your system anyway. I'd reccomend she speaks to her GP to find out a bit more about her pill and how long it will take for her body to be totally rid of it as it may depend on what type (normal or min-pill) as to how long it takes to come out of your body completely.

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