Acid reflux / heartburn

Discussion in 'Ask a Mum!' started by El1en, Feb 27, 2016.

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    Hi everyone

    When I was pregnant I developed really bad acid reflux and heartburn. From about 34+ weeks I would throw up some orange bike most days and was drinking gaviscon like water

    Since giving birth 9.5 months ago it's improved but I find I still need to take gaviscon 3/4 times a day. Should this have gone away by now? Or will I always have it.

    Not bragging but I'm a great cook and love cooking rich food which I know doesn't help. Last night was braised venison in a red wine sauce and I've been up 4 times last night needing gaviscon. It was quite bad the night before when I made a creamy chicken and leek pie to. I know which foods make it worse for me (spices, garlic, onion, lamb) but I love them and personally I'm not a fan of cutting foods out, id rather try and deal with the problem

    I know I won't cook quite so heavy rich meals come summer but I just wonder if anyone else has found they still suffer since giving birth or whether there might be something else going on?

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