About 2 hours sleep. Uncomfy and worrying!!

Discussion in 'Third Trimester' started by CarlyD, Feb 6, 2012.

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    Pointless thread but I am sooo tired after being up all night :( I'm very itchy down there (tmi) the thrush has pretty much cleared up but now I strongly suspect I have the glamorous piles :'( I think a bath might soothe it but it kinda feels wrong to have a bath at 8.30am?! Lol :)

    Also cannot stop worrying about the fact we got a letter Saturday, telling us cos my maternity allowance was approved we no longer get housing benefit and I need to prove I'm not getting paid from my employer- when we was expecting the next payment today!! They obviously weren't open all weekend for us to phone so we could hammer into their heads "DUH, you can't even get maternity allowance unless you've proved your employer isn't paying you!!" So now we are down £90 today which we really do need, money is sooo tight :(

    I have a feeling they're going to be difficult and insist on a letter from my employer confirming AGAIN that they're not paying me anything since being on maternity leave. The annoying thing is I haven't even had the final letter of confirmation of getting maternity allowance, or any payments, so obviously hadn't informed the council of a change of circumstances yet, they're just in talks with MA people between themselves and are quick enough to cut the housing benefit and probably won't bother contacting them about my proof of not getting paid from my employer, which MA people have in the SMP1 form my employer did for them :mad:

    Sorry for the rant and sorry if I sound scummy. I honestly feel we are among the few people who genuinely need the benefit as we are both working (well I was before maternity leave) but we just can't catch a break and are on minimum wage in an area that's very expensive to live in :( We don't smoke, we don't drink, our money goes on feeding ourselves and paying the bills. So frustrating that just as MA gets sorted, another thing fucks up :(

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