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7 week old hardly sleeps during the day..?


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Jul 11, 2006
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Hello ladies,

My lovely little 7 week old baby is sleeping without to much trouble during the night, only wakes for feeds & nappy change every 3 hour and goes back to sleep without any drama.

My concern is that she hardly seems to sleep at all during the day? There will be the odd 5 minutes here and 5 minutes there - with one "big" nap lasting anything from 30 minutes to just over an hour early afternoon. Come 8 o'clock in the evening she is very whingey and won't stop crying unless she's on someone's lap or shoulder. And she won't settle! I'm worried about her not getting enough rest, but I really don't know what to do to settle her other than sit completely still when she snoozes off while being held?

Her dear daddy suggest we get a mannequin and stick it on a train set on the living room floor to "hold and walk" her, but I was hoping maybe some of you might have some better ideas!!!


I had this same concern when JT was around that age. The only time he slept was if i was holding him or we went for a walk with him in his pram. I bought a swing http://www.mothercare.com/gp/product/B0 ... 8&mcb=core and to be honest its been a godsend! He is setlled when he's awake and sleeps longer cos of rocking motion. Also you could try going out for nice walk on a morning/afternoon to give baby and yourself some fresh air? usually sends them off :hug:
Lola has never really slept in the daytime and she seems to be ok

I wouldn't worry about it if she's tired she will go to sleep :hug:
Kyla is the same at 7 weeks too.

My house is very noise in day due to my son but she will only go asleep while beening held.... i am working very hard at stopping this and letting her cry for a bit if i know she is only tired.....Ellis would have to be rocked to sleep till he was so big that i couldnt do it any more haha so i will not let kyla get this way.....

in the evening i also have to hold her till about 10 when she has last feed and we go bed, i cant let her cry cos ellis is in bed! maybe its the age.

Amber has never been a baby who sleeps much during the day and as she has got older its getting harde to occupy her until she can play proporly!!

i wouldnt worry to much i know it can be tiring as they can be demanding LO will sleep when they are tired and you will learn there signs which suggest they are tired. AMber will rub her eyes or start frowning and doing a particular cry so i cradle her in my arms until she has nodded off and then she will sleep for about half an hour.

My LO is now 8 weeks old and has been like this since 2 weeks. Today I have propped her up when she goes down for a sleep and also put her on her side, she has finally slept for hours which I think she should be doing as she is still only young.

I didn't like the idea of putting her on her side but I had my son 15 years ago and this is how he slept and he had no problems. I also check on her all the time to make sure she is ok, just shows they do need their sleep.

Might be worth a try, also she has just started having an 6 oz 's instead of 5 so this also might have helped her settle easier as she is full.

Good luck.

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