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3 weeks today

:cheer: :cheer:

I want one now after my scan on Friday. I want to see how he looks properly I can already tell he has his daddy's profile.
Snap this one has a really small chin like Sean :rotfl: plus his nose too :rotfl:
I can tell he def has his daddy's nose :rotfl: :rotfl:

In fact on the piccy he looks a little bit like Pac man to me :rotfl: :rotfl:
Is it a 3D/ Our 4D is 3 weeks Saturday just gone :D Cannot wait!!!!!
:cheer: :cheer: Fab enjoy laydees.

Im still undecided, we have one booked for the 15 Dec but it's a lot of money.
:cheer: :cheer: That's not too long to wait

I'm really looking forward to mine because that's when I will find out the sex, roll on the 19th Jan!
DebbieM said:
Is it a 3D/ Our 4D is 3 weeks Saturday just gone :D Cannot wait!!!!!

Duh! I obviously wasn't awake this mornign when I read your post as it quite clearly says 3D scan. I read it as 3rd LOL!
Exciting! :cheer: What's the difference between a 3d and a 4d scan?
just a dvd i think, i've changed it now and it's another £60 dearer :rotfl:
Ther worth every penny and i feel my scan helped me bond with Imogen - I was obsessed the second i saw her tiny fce on screen and kicking herself in the head - true! :rotfl:

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