3 miscarriages, no answers


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Oct 6, 2018
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I'm back after taking a break from TTC from last December's miscarriage. I've done all the testing possible and the doctors have no answer for my three miscarriages. They say I am homozygous MTHFR but that this shouldn't really make a difference in carrying a pregnancy. I'm continuing on but so discouraged and angry that all happiness is stripped away from TTC and any early pregnancy tests. Instead of joy I get stress and worry. Perinatologist said if I have a fourth he will prescribe me Lovenox in case I have a blood clotting disorder they don't know about.

In the past few months it seems that EVERYONE is either getting pregnant or having babies, and I'm just here wishing and wondering why I can't have something that is so natural. I know it's toxic to think "why me" but I'm not coping well with this, as I am perfectly healthy in every way. Thank goodness for communities like this one. <3
Oh bless you, let's hope that you will have your sticky baby soon, it could just be pure bad luck. I will keep everything crossed for you. I have just gone through a missed miscarriage which was medically managed. It is honestly the worst thing I've ever been though, I truly cannot imagine going through this 3 times - you are so strong. We just have to keep going. When the time is right we will have our babies. And this forum is brilliant. It's good to talk with others who have gone through the same experiences. Stay positive <3
It’s such a rollercoaster when you get test results back and there’s ‘nothing’ wrong of course it’s a good thing but also you want answers I have had 5 miscarriages and all tests have came back fine. I researched my self and started to take low dose asprin and I’m the furthest i have ever been currently. Fingers crossed for you x
I'm so very sorry for your losses.

Between my son and my daughter I had three miscarriages. We had recurrent miscarriage tests and no cause was ever found for our losses.

I remember feeling so conflicted like I wanted them to find something wrong so they could fix it but at the same time I knew it was better if there was nothing wrong.

I did nothing any different with the pregnancies I lost than I did with my son and daughter so I can't really advise on that. It can feel very helpless though, like you're just waiting with your fate in some unknown hands.

I am totally with you, I had an early miscarriage in Jan 18, a chemical in April/May, a tfmr in October (Edwards syndrome) and am now going through a missed miscarriage, I am being referred to recurrent miscarriage clinic so they will be testing baby this time for chromosome abnormalities so we will hopefully find out if it was Edwards again or something else. To be honest, I am expecting tests to all come back as inconclusive. All of this is so hard, especially seeing as everything with my daughter was so straight forward - conceiving through pregnancy and even labour was text book.
I am beginning to feel that time is running out for me

Sending hugs xx
Sorry you are going through this but i am at the moment reading a book about about succesful pregnancy and it basically tells you to just be positive because it WILL happen. I know its easier said than done when you are going through such a shit time but i do believe being positive plays such a big part.
Sending hugs hun x

I had 3 losses in 2015 all under 10w. I am fvl hetero. I used low dose aspirin 75mg self prescribed and low molecular weight heparin 4500 units tinzaparin daily. After 3 losses I'm laid in bed next to a moses basket with my gorgeous 6 week old daughter. :) I believe the blood thinners were key in me getting her. Do push for them good luck. I have many stories posted on here of my journey. It's so hard stay strong. You will get there xx
Thank you so much for all of your responses, it really does make me feel not so alone. I've just gotten the latest results from the last and final wave of testing, and there is absolutely nothing wrong with me except MTHFR, which is infuriating.

Oh and btw, since I first posted in February I discovered I am pregnant again and today am about 5 weeks but I am losing all of my symptoms and feeling like this is my fourth miscarriage. This pregnancy has been the farthest along of all of them with the highest HCG, but something is telling me it won't progress much farther (weird cramping, breasts losing soreness, feeling very "un-pregnant"). I'm on low dose aspirin, high dose methylfolate, high dose vitamin d, selenium, pre-natal, krill oil, and my thyroid medication. I'm so weary with all of this. I really wonder why crackheads and murderers can have children but I can't? Sorry if that's insensitive.
@Sjf0709 I've made it to almost 8 weeks but yesterday had a lot of red blood and my symptoms have vanished, so I have a scan today and am absolutely expecting the worst, which is all I know anyway. I'll update here later.
@Sjf0709 I've made it to almost 8 weeks but yesterday had a lot of red blood and my symptoms have vanished, so I have a scan today and am absolutely expecting the worst, which is all I know anyway. I'll update here later.
Aw no hun. Fx everything is ok xx
I understand. I had an early miscarriage and 3 chemical pregnancies. I also find myself wondering why my friends and family are able to have healthy pregnancies but I still have not. I am so happy for them and and feel guilty that I compare myself to them but I don't understand what is so wrong with me. I never knew about chemicals until I had them, I thought once it stuck it stuck, unless you had a miscarriage later down the road. I never knew you could have positive results for only a few days. I am still currently TTC, I have started taking baby aspirin and Folgard. I was told there was a clotting abnormality when they took all these tests after my miscarriage.
Hi, I am sorry you are going through this.Hope everything will work out for you really soon. x
Oh no I am sorry you are feeling like this. I also had 3 miscarriages. How was your scan?
Maximus17 - I am sorry to know your story. Have you done any additional tests?

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