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Holidays before Maternity Leave???


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Jun 7, 2005
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Having calculated my holiday entitlement for next year taking into consideration that the baby is due April, then holidays accrued for the 6 months maternity leave and 4 days for Xmas as well as minus 4 days for a break to Scotland in January I have 10 days holiday.

I was hoping to take 2 weeks holiday before I start my maternity leave so that I could finish work on the 31st March, use 10 days holiday entitlement plus the Easter weekend bank holidays (extra 2 days paid) and save starting my maternity leave so early that I leave myself short on wages so my 90% maternity pay wouldnt actually start until the 19th April and baby due around the 23rd.

My only concern in my cunning plan is what would happen if I was to give birth early during the holiday time of my leave??? Would they start my maternity leave early or does it carry on as planned????
Anyone ever been in this situation and have I made complete sense in what I am trying to achieve?????
I understand what you are saying, but I don't know the answer.

You have to set the date that you want your maternity leave to start, so I can't see there being a problem if you did have your baby during your holiday time.
If you give birleave starts from the day of birth early your maternity leave starts from the day of the birth. This happenned to me with my first child - I still had 2 weeks left to work. You would be able to take any holiday that you missed out on after you maternity leave finished.

Hope this helps - I'm having real trouble planning my leave!

As far as I know if you have your baby before your official maternity leave starts, it will start from the day after child birth, that's how it works in my company anyway :)
I agree with Sunshine, I have been told by work that my maternity will kick in when I give birth if it happens before I go on maternity (does that make sense?). I also am taking 2 weeks hols before maternity. One other thing I have been told is that if I go off sick (I think i the last 4 weeeks) and it is pregnancy related then my maternity leave will start then also. That's why I checked out the holiday situation as I have SPD and am hobbling on for as long as I can. You also accrue leave as normal when you are on maternity so I understand. This is hard work getting your head round all this, especially as it takes me half an hour to decide what shoes to put on at the moment!!!

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