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worrying a lil about sleep pattern / bad sleeper / breast ..

Gem & Leland

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Nov 7, 2006
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im a seriously bad sleeper , suffer from insomia not all the time but alot

sometimes after going to the loo in the night i wont then get back to sleep , if im awake too long etc i again wont get back to sleep

im worried that when i breast feed at ngiht ill wake up too much and then wont sleep again ?

does that make sense ? was anyone else like me pre baby ? did u cope ? did u change ? i can just imagine getting up for a 2am feed or something and that would be it !

spec as it can take a while to feed cant it ?

oh and for those about to suggest napping in day , pretty rubbish at that too and if i do , i then dont fall asleep at night ! sleeping is not my good point lol

any advice ?
my mum said this to me and its SO true- its amazing how u can get back to sleep after being awake for an hour, up, breast-feeding, changing a nappy, possibly with the light on...
youll be amazed!
maybe the problem is that when you're awake, you're thinking too much about going back to sleep, which in turn is stopping you from nodding off.

i know that when i'm in bed and i can't sleep, im thinking to myself, "come on, fall asleep", and i never do.

but if ive just read a book for a while, then i fall asleep straight away.
just gotta find a cure now to stop me waking up! lol
if you plan on breast feeding theres your answer lol soon as baby latched on i was asleep.

i think your body also changes after a baby and u just sleep when you can and get into your own routine.
Once LO's here you may find you're tired a LOT in the beginning and sleep is not a problem :lol: However I can relate to what you're saying, I should be in bed now, Isaac will be up about 5-6am :lol: Like you I sometimes cannot sleep, and feel tired at the wrong times, but if you BF and co-sleep then being woken won't be an issue as you release a sleep hormone when you BF anyway, so being in bed laying down still will aid you back to sleep.

Also, the sleep when baby sleeps line.. DO IT :lol: I never listened, got myself in a state, its madness to not nap with your LO, precious half hrs here and there can mean the difference between sane and insane :D But obviously it depends on your LO, they may be a good sleeper and you find you become one too, hope that happens for you G3M, very best wishes :hug:
thanks girls , wish id not wrote this post ,had an bad night lol didnt fall asleep till 3 a and was up at 5 :roll: typical ! even reading a book didnt do it for e , blaing other half tho , he pee'd me off :rotfl:

i wasnt planning on co-sleeping tho , but i guess if it naturally works and thats what happens , it happens :lol:
I used to have hideous insomnia when I was in my teens... I could literally go days without sleeping more than an hour or two.. and was eventually medicated to help me sleep... but the sleeping tables were horrible so they went in the bin pretty dam quick.

Those last few weeks of pregnancy take their toll on you... from 37 to 42 weeks are the hardest you'll do. By the time you give birth you are physically exhausted, but the birth itself is exhausting... then the baby pops out and you are basically constantly breast feeding for the first few weeks and again that drains your energy... And insomnia just vanishes, because you are actually barely sleeping as it is.. :roll: while your body is trying to recoup the lost energy from the birth.

I never really had much trouble getting back to sleep when breast feeding Tia... although, the biggest problem I had was the fact that when she was in the room or bed with me... I was such a light sleeper she would wake me up with her fidgeting, snoring or just being around and while I could drop back off really quickly, disturbed sleep is often more tiring than not sleeping at all. Its why she got moved into her own room at 3 months.
thanks squig , im already thinking babe wont be in with us long :cry: as much as i love it i cant bare snoring ( i mean its like fingers on chalk board to me it can and does reduce me to tears ! )

i hope dh reads how exhausted ill be , his thinking as i wont be at work his dinner will be on table and all housework done :roll: to leave him doing sweet fa all night .
I've never been so exhausted as I was in the weeks following james' birth. Getting to sleep was definately not an issue. It took all my will power not to fall asleep during the night feeds ( I knew I had to stay awake cos it was dangerous falling asleep in a chair with a newborn in my arms, but it was so hard!)

I agree that you should make the most of napping during the day. James was born 4 days before xmas so the house was full of visitors and I was excited about xmas so didn't do this and it was a big mistake. I know now why they use sleep deprivation as a form of torture, I really felt like I was losing my mind! :shock:

I'm sure insomnia won't be an issue. Even before I fell pg this time I used to struggle to stay awake past midnight, kids are tiring! :lol:

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