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wind ???


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Apr 3, 2007
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Now that Adam is taking larger feeds and waiting around 3-4 hours between each feed, I feel that he is suffering with wind more often and I am having a few probs getting him to pass it. I have been using Infacol for the past 3 days and don't notice much of a difference.

What do you use to help your lo? and how long do you wind them as I feel that I am going to end up hurting Adam if I burp him much more.

All winding advice greatfully received. xxx
I'll give it a try. Hopefully it makes a difference. I'll get back to you. xxx
I tried colief with maddison thew only thing is its 10.00 for a small bottle .

I use to have real trouble winding maddison i was also told by the MW i was patting too lightly on her back .

My MW always use to say she wont brake which she wont .

We use to bring her wind up in many ways

rubbing tummy
over our shoulder
lying down on her front over our knee
tiger in a tree hold (his legs either side of your arm so his bum is on your hand and his stomach is lying on your lower arm and then pat his back)
lying him on the floor and move his legs like hes riding a bike

one which we did find that worked was her sitting on our knee and we kept making sure her back was straight and we held the back of her head and we kept tilting her back and forwards the started patting from the lower of her back upwards and repeated several times .

good luck
Just bought a bottle of colief from the chemist and will give it a try. Gosh it is expensive but I guess if it works it's worth every penny. xxx
Robbie suffered with bad wind too, and still does!
I tried gripe water but he choked on it so I won't give it again! My midwife said infacol isn't instant relief for wind and you have to give it for 4/5 days for effect! I found a teaspoon of cool boiled water does the trick better than anything! Also a gentle rocking back and forth helps too!

Love Nic xx
We tried the colief all day yesterday and I am not sure wether to carry on with it as Adam has been quite sick which is not like him.

I think I will leave it for a day to see if he improves and try it again. I wouldn't have thought it would have made him sick, but for my peace of mind I'll stop it for today.

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