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Aug 16, 2006
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Well I'm pretty sure Jaida is teething, rosey cheeks, constantly chewing and drooling etc, but I've tried looking in her mouth but don't know what it would look like? I can see the two bottom teeth under her gums, does this mean they are coming? Because she has also got two lumps at either side, but on a teething chart it says these teeth (well I'm guessing which teeth they are going by where they are) don't come until 16 months old. So is it these side teeth (lumps, well more like swelling) or the front teeth (visable under gums) that are coming?
Becky has always had sort of raised bits where her lower canines (pointy teeth) will come through but they weren't the first. I was waiting for red bumps and then teeth but it was more a case of her gum suddenly became transparent and all of a sudden you could see the white tooth under the gum and its ridges. Her gums around it were a bit redder than the rest but not raised at all. The first one cut the day after I could see it, the second cut about 5 days after I could see it. In fact I have a piccy of her first tooth the day before it cut through and I put an arrow on it so I could remember where to look :lol: .


Unfortunately she had the rosy cheek, drooling, chewing symptoms from 2-3 months old and she's only had teeth for 3 weeks now. Every baby is different though so chances are you might see them sooner than we did.

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