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Well done me!!!


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Feb 14, 2007
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Hello girls!!!

I am so pleased, that I just have to share this with somebody!
I managed to bf Daniel again! Cheeky monkey figured out, that getting stuff fro bottle is easier then from me, so for about 2 weeks I had to express, my milk supply went low and my mood went low too :? Just as soon as he even saw my boob, he started to scream his head off, and nothing could calm him down except the bottle. But, today I got my will together, and decided I am not ready to give up yet! So, since 12 pm it was like that: i am trying to give him my boob, he screams for 5 mins, then, takes it, sucs for 2 mins, screams again. It was like that for an hour, then he fall asleep. But, at the next feed, at 3pm I tryed again, there was less crying, and i managed to BF him again!And this time he was more happy with it!!! Now he is happily asleep on my lap :cheer: :cheer: :cheer: I am so pleased i managed to make him to take my boob again!
I also odered that brestflow bottle. It is quite expensive, but i hope it will help too :D
Well done, wishing you lots of happy breastfeeding days :hug:
Brilliant news honey - determination is half the battle with b/feeding I think and you've got that in bucketloads - well done! Keep at it!

Thanks girls! :D I am so pleased I managed to do i again! I never thought that you can miss BF :roll: Today in the morning BF Daniel again, and there was almoust no crying! :dance:
That's fantastic news! Are you going to try to exclusively b/feed now? That's probably the best idea, if you can, to allow him to get your supply up and to not get lazy (easier to feed from a bottle than the breast)

You're doing brilliantly!

Valentine Xxx

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