Wanting to believe there is still hope


Jan 5, 2019
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Hi all (sorry if tmi)
I got a bfp on Thursday 3rd Jan following ivf and having 2 embryos transferred so myself and husband were thrilled it had worked. I had brown discharge and a bit of pink but Friday afternoon I started to bleed red not much. I put a pad on to monitor and it was just pink with some red. At around 815pm that night I had pains in abdomen and lower back when I went to the toilet I passed a blood clot/tissue about the size of my thumb (length and width not depth). I then only passed a couple small blood clots after that and nothing else. I'm bleeding really lightly not filling up a pad and pads are lasting hours I have only changed them (I'm only on the 4th one since Friday at 230pm) due to not being comfortable. I have also had a really weird cramp in my back, bum amd legs like something is putting pressure on a nerve. Anyway my temp is still elevated, still getting headaches, still tired and last night I started feeling really sick and almost was sick. Trying to keep positive still and tested all day yesterday. I did another test this morning which said bfn, do you think I could still have a chance?
Thank you xx
So sorry you are going through this.
I’m glad you are trying to stay positive but my advice would be to go to your nearest early pregnancy unit or ring them, they will book you in for a scan or do your bloods so you know for sure!

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