VBAC - vaginal birth after caesarean

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Apr 27, 2005
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can anyone help me. i have had two previous c sections. first foetal distress and second one as natural labour did not happen after being induced with one pessary.

I have now been told of someone whose hospital is all for VBAC (mine isnt) and i am after as much information re this as possible before i see my midwife on the 17 august. I have got a bit of the internet but am interested in any other sites. the site that i went onto was www.caesarean.org.uk. So i have that one.

thanks ladies

Try to get your midwife on-side.

Even after a ruptured uterus before my second section, they still assumed I'd go for another trial of labour this time. I gave birth vaginally for our first (with a pretty easy labour) so it may be a little different to if I'd only ever had sections.

If it's something you want, keep pushing them. Sounds as though our hospitals are complete opposites.

Good luck!!

Tracy xx
Hi Tracy

Thanks for your response.

I just wanted to ask, did you request a c section this time.

I just wanted a few opinions. I really am unsure what to do. I think the best thing would be to speak to my midwife as you have suggested. I think the bonus with a c section is that i will know when it is, but i hate to think that i will go over my due date and still end up with another c section anyway.

Thanks for helping.

I've had to change midwife and consultant to get an elective. My iriginal midwife and GP thought I would be better having midwifery care, even if I ended up with another emergency section because I'd have my ante-natal appointments at the local doctors surgery. Putting me down for an elective means I'll be having most appointments at the hospital (only 10 minutes drive at night, but an hour in traffic).

I really don't want another emergenecy section because both have been under general and both hubby and I have missed out on the births. I got worried that because all my notes said 'trial of labour', the midwives at the hospital would go with that when I did go into labour.

My first child was born vaginally (before I met hubby) after 2 hrs of labour.

I had placenta praevia with the second. He was born at 36 weeks after a haemmorhage(sp?) and me being stuck in hospital since 18 weeks. He spent 4 weeks in the neonatal unit, and spent another 2 weeks in hospital with a infection

For our third, I went along with the trial of labour, without being told of any risks. My waters broke at 5am and I had to go into hospital straight away to be monitored. Mid afternoon, I was put on Oxytocin by an SHO and at 9pm my exisiting wound ruptured and I was sent off to theatre again.

If I had to go ahead with another VBAC this time, I'd stay at home until labour was established. I'm sure it was the continuous monitoring and not being able to get off the bed that slowed things down. It's great having a consultant who is all for VBAC, but when he's not there because it's a Saturday, and the midwives caring for you aren't trained in VBAC, it causes problems.

Tracy xx
Another thing, both my sections have been under general, so both me and hubby have missed out on the actual 'birth'. I'd be more than happy to go with VBAC if they did emergency sections with a spinal block or epidural, but I think it's standard at my hosptial to do a general.

I'm now stressing that the epidural won't work, or that I'll get the headache thing. Arghhhhhhh why did I want another baby???
Hi Tracy

Youve had a rotten time!!!

I had my first under general and my second i was awake and i would definitley recommend it.

Thanks for all your advice and i will take that with me next wednesday when i see my midwife.

I work in the hospital and i was told that VBAC may not be something that the trust here specilises in. If i am going to go for a natural i want all the correct support.

I think that after speaking to the midwife i will probably have a c section.

i will let you know what the midwife says. once again thanks for your help and good luck.

Hi Tracy

When i had the second with an epidural it was great. I had the fear that it wouldnt work, but they spray your legs with cold water and believe me you dont feel a thing.

i did have a reaction to the epidureal and kept being sick and hot, (take a cold flannel with you for your forehead), but as i was starved from the night before it wasnt too bad. i also found that once they took Joshua out of me, the sickness and the hotness stopped. I wonder if it was my body trying to keep Joshua in there.

It was an amazing experience to be awake and I really hope that you can have this done under epidural. Plus the needle didnt hurt going in. Just a dull ache.

OMG!!! they're going to starve me nooooooooooooooooooooo

During my long stay before callum, Steve, the orderly, used to make an extra effort for my meals. When the haemorrahage (still can't spell it) happened, he had to take my rhubarb crumble and custard off me :cry: When I went up on the ward after Charlotte, he must have recognised my name, cos there was a cold rhubarb crumble waiting on the side table for me. Still makes me tearful when I think about it.

They're not starving me, even for one night. I want my rhubarb crumble!!!!!

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