Think we got our name..but need help with middle name girls!


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May 19, 2008
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well like i have said in previous posts, i adore the name Ruby and cant imagine calling my little girl anything else, OH seems to keep calling her Ruby now and OH's mum keeps calling her Ruby and so does his 2yr old neice hehe!!!

Anyway, its not 100% (but i know it is ;) ) but we are stuck for a middle name, we want Emily as it was my nan's name and means loads but we are not sure it goes together, Ruby Emily, so was thinking of putting a name in between Ruby and Emily? we liked Maddison but because OHs surname is Allison i think it sounds too much as Maddison and Allison sound similiar.

So girls, any ideas on a name to seperate Ruby and Emily?

Sarah&Braydon said:
could u ue one of ur mum name ?
Not really as i would feel bad giving her one mum's name and not the other and we are not really wanting three middle names lol :)
what about something like Ruby Emma Allison? if you didnt want to have to ending in Y names but still a similar name... if that makes sense
hey girls - i think we are definately calling baby girl 'Ruby' - OH put on my birthday card from Danny and Ruby so im guessing its definate now (YAY :cheer:)

still a bit hoo-har on the middle name but i think she will end up being called Ruby Emily Allison :cheer:

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