Sleepsuits or Rompers

Another classic stupid question from me, but are sleepsuits for winter and rompers for summer? I keep seeing rompers in Tesco and they always have loads but no sleepsuits.... is this why??

Had to's bugging me! :oops:
I'll see your stupid question and raise you a daft one...what's the difference between rompers and sleepers, thought they were the same thing????
LOL Rompers are just like sleepsuits but they have short arm sleeves. They still have full legs and feet on them.
Never seen them. Not too sure, from the sound of it they must be for when its warmer but I was just going to let Seren sleep in a vest when it was hot. At least I have learnt something new today :D
yeah they are just like a posh vest for when it's hot.
LOL I wondered the same!! I have loads of rompers but Rubie has never had them on cos it's too cold, I think they are for summer, for daytime or bed, I'm not sure??? :?
Generally day time I think :)

Mason was born in July and wore some when he was really little. You can just buy nice vests too though...I had loads of nice ones, and they're much cheaper.

I used rompers as day outfits for Reece and sleepsuits for bed when he was smaller. i've just sold loads of gorg ones on ebay. It was summer when i had Reece though so warmer.

for the past 2 months he's been only wearing pyjamas for bed
I think rompers are for summer and sleepsuits for winter. My last baby was a summer baby and the rompers were just fab and really handy and easy to get her in and out of but I think they would have been too cold for winter sadly. :( I liked the next ones so much that I bought the same ones in a few sizes, lol.

Mothercare have nice sleepsuits!, I struggled for sleepsuits in tesco and the asda ones had weird feet :?

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