Sick bug or possible milk intolerance?

Discussion in 'Baby & Toddler' started by susan1981, Feb 29, 2016.

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    So basically, I'll just break it down as both of my sons (2 and 3) have had a sick bug these past few weeks.

    My 3 year old started with it the Wednesday before last:

    Wednesday: Sick twice in the afternoon, couldn't keep any food down, fine with juice/water. Was back to normal on Thursday.

    Saturday night (about 1am): Sick again but has been fine ever since.

    Then my 2 year old got sick on the Sunday (so the Sunday before last):

    Sunday night: Had milk. Was sick that night.
    Monday: Not right all day and was sick again in the evening.
    Tuesday: Seemed a bit brighter in the morning but sick again
    Wednesday: Sick again.
    Thursday: Seemed a lot brighter and happier. Not sick.
    Friday: Seemed fine, gave him some milk at bedtime.

    My 2 year old loves his milk at bedtime but we didn't give him any from the Monday through to the Thursday. Friday night, he had milk and has had milk in the evening since (so Friday, Saturday and Sunday night).

    Sunday, went to get him up and the smell hit me straight away. He had really bad diarrhea. Think he had another bout of it that day and today, he has had 2 lots of it. He's also been quite cuddly today - and he's never usually cuddly. Very on-the-go, no time for cuddles type of toddler. He then slept this afternoon which he doesn't usually (but then my friend was round before that and I think her little girl was keeping him very busy so he could have just been worn out) but he's just not been right at all this evening. Just laying on me, quite warm but not a high temperature.

    Sorry for long post but do you think it's just another bug on top of the last one or could he be intolerant to milk? As a baby, he had reflux and really struggled to keep his milk down.
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    To me it sounds like it could be part of the same tummy bug I know my sons had bugs where he starts off being sick then would start with diarrhoea once the sickness had stopped. I would keep an eye on it and not give anything too rich for his tummy as it could keep upsetting it. Stick to plain things such as toast. I know dairy products can irritate a poorly tummy xxx
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    I think it's the bug, I'm sure they would have reacted to dairy before it they were allergic or intolerant.
  4. JD.Deedee

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    If you suspect lactose intolerance they can check his poop and his bloods for dairy intolerance. You can request this through your health visitor x

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