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*SECRET SANTA* Please post thanks and what you got here!


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Sep 1, 2006
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just wanted to say thankyou to my secret santa had a nice surprise this morning off the postman :D
Are you all opening together or as they arrive?
:shock: I haven't sent mine yet (or even got it yet! :oops: )
I'm onto it though! :lol:
I've made this thread a sticky so we can put all our SS questions in one place ;)
i know this may sound stupid but those people that left the forum that were doing ss have they been replaced with someone else i just wondered thats all????????????
even though im not on here much im still gonna get my prezzie reciever something, dont mind if im not being boughtgfor though :)
Do we write inside who it's from or wait til xmas day and post on here?
I think we should open them on xmas day too.
im gonna stick a note inside the actual pressie but not on the label..
Ah, just found this - big sorry to Urchin for clogging up the OT board :oops:

Anyway I bought my SS pressie today WOOOOOOOO dead excited. I will post on here when I receive mine but will not be opening it till Christmas Day.

CITED! I love Christmas! :dance:
I still don't have my person's address - I've pmed Charli but got no reply yet - does anyone speak to her on msn? Just I wanted to post early next week
i thought secret santa always stayed secret lol

i think ive thought of what im getting them today tho :cheer:
can i join or am i too late aswell ? i must of missed the original post when we were moving house had no internet foir 4 weeks after we moved in. :cry:

hope us late comeers can join in.. :pray: :pray:
I've nearly got my done,..................so excited!! :cheer:
Not to open until Christmas!

Ive done it its all sorted and packaged and labelled..

Hope you like :D hahaha

I havent put who its from... Is taht right?

Also when do i send it?

Im fighting the urge to go to the post office today hahaha :D
i would just send it asap i sent mine the start of november incase i forgot lol :rotfl:

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