Premature births

Hi Kelly,

My cousin had this, she had her first baby at 20 weeks, which sadly died as she wasn't strong enough, Summer-leigh was born at 21 weeks, she has cerebral palsy which is affecting her legs but other than that she is a happy little girl and Miles her third was born at 27 weeks and he is as healthy as a full term baby.

She had a stitch put in her cervix but didn't seem to last long with her second but seemed to work better with her third.

I personally haven't been through it but i believe they take it out at around 36 weeks so if you do go into labour from then, it's fine.
Hi Amys mum,

Tnx for your reply! We are all keeping our fingers crossed that she will the stitch will work and that she will carry this baby to a safe stage! Her daughter Bethany is deaf and very short sighted due to the lack of oxygen and she may also have celebray palsy but they will not know for sure untill she is a little older! My friend has come a long way since her 1st pregnancy and Bethany is doing great so we all hope that she will be ok with this 1!

I couldnt even begin to imagine what it is like to loose a child!

Tnx for your advice i will pass it on and then hopefully she will be able to join soon when she has had her internet sorted!

Thanks again

Good luck to her and the rest of the family xxxx

Being pregnant is hard enough without the worry of it possibly ending early.

Plenty of rest i would imagine will be needed, easier said than done though when you have 1 already! :lol:

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