period pain after birth

argh ive just started to get what i think is period pain, im in agony, its mainly on one side. :cry: but ive got no bleeding yet

what was every one elses first period like? i know its meant to be 'different' but this is a nightmare, worse then labour at least u get a breather between contractions

could this maybe be another problem? im hoping its period pain, but im having so many problems with that area, im very worried.

love elaine, dan, alana, and soon to be puppy??? (cant decide on name yet)
hi elaine just had first period since having hannah and i was in agony on one side was bleeding that bad i could not move without covering every thing i had on ended up phoning gp because i was worried about amount of blood loss and he said it was normal for first period and to go up if it lasted longer than 7 days but it only lasted 5 so don't worry

I have been having quite bad period type pains for a few days now but no sign of any blood. I asked my health visitor about it and she told me that as I'm breastfeeding they won't come back until I stop. Really worried as to what these pains are?
My first period after having Ava and the one since then was heavier but the cramps weren't as bad as the periods I had pre-preggo.
Im now having my first proper period since having jamie and....OMG its painful!!!!! lol sooooo heavy too, never suffered bad with them pre pregnancy but this one is not pleasent!!!!!!!!! lol

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