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Ovulation Tests How Helpful????


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Sep 28, 2007
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Hi I am in my sixth month of trying and thought Ov Tests would help concieving. I brought ClearBlue tests and on my 6th test tested positive on ovulation. Made sure I bedded that day and bedded again 2 days later. How succesful are they to concieve?? Anyone had luck using them or is it hit and miss again?? Really hoping on positive for xmas.

Ov tests detect when ov is about to happen - usually 12-48hrs after you get a + i think - so tbh (as far as I understand it) you need to start BDing before you get the + as the few days before ov are your most fertile time. Do you know what day of your cycle you were on when you got the + ? (Day 1 of your period being day 1 of your cycle) If so - work out the same day for the next month and start BDing about 5 days before every other day....up until the day after. Its not an exact science so you can still use the Ov tests to confirm that its not happening late in a particular month - I know you can get them cheaper than the clearblue one online if that helps .
I was on day 16 of cycle my cycle can be 28/29/30 bedded on day 16 and 18
I asked about OV tests myself, and yes they do detect the LH Surge, but they don't say you've definitely ovulated :hug:
Most OV tests come with a little guide of when to start using them during whichever length cycle you have, they also suggest the best days to BD on usually, very best wishes CazH, hope you get your BFP this month!! :hug:

I've tried them for two months, first month didn't get a positive only faint lines that got a bid darker than started to fade, I think I missed the surge that month but it didn't matter hubby was away then anyway :wall:

But this cycle I did get a positive opk, dragged hubby into bed :lol: and I got a faint positive pg test this morning :D not counting my chickens yet, I'll give it a few more days and see if I get a stronger line

so for me yes they did work but I do think you have to be lucky to catch the surge, I was lucky that mine was on a saturday afternoon.

ps my opk's were ebay cheapies
Some people might benefit from testing twice in a day if they keep missing the LH surge.

Don't test with your first morning urine though, it's best to test after 10/11 I think. I tend to test after work between 5-6 every day.

You also shouldn't drink lots a couple of hours before testing, that can affect the result. I've proved that one.

For me, I've always detected the surge. As I get ov pains I know for sure that I ovulate too.

I got pregnant the 2nd month of using them first time around.

Once you get to know when you get the surge, you need to time it so that you BD for several days leading up to the surge as well as the day you get the surge and the couple of days after that if you're up to it :wink:

Good luck!
I def detected the LH surge as 4 days previous nothing but then the 5th day big fat blue line. I have been testing in morning though oh no! Did not tell me not too (clearblue). Fingers crossed it was my hubbies bday that day too so would be lovely to tell them I concieved you on his birthday!

I'm day 3 days past ov now but this month Ov pains have not been bad like previous. If you concieve do you stop ovulating that month???

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