odd question about ovaries.

Discussion in 'Trying to Conceive' started by jacquidube, Sep 29, 2005.

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    Jun 10, 2005
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    This month i ovulated really early and had ovulation pain. 15 days later i had a dull ache on the left ovary ( like ovulation pain ) it lasted about 2 hours and then later on in the day i started to get the same dull ache on my right ovary.........could it be possible to of actually of ovulated on both sides.....it seems very unlikely and i dont really think that can happen but everything just feels so familiar to me. I am 21 days into my cycle and i am now getting back pains associated with my period starting. My boobs have been hurting for 2 weeks and only when i prod them. What could be happening as i know some of you girls moniter every pain and niggle throughout the month. When does the egg implant if i did conceive? I miscarried in July and i have had a period. I am ttc. My cm has been white since ovulation and has not changed at all. I dont have alot of it, only when i check my cervix for the opening i notice white cm and it is sticky. My cervix is soft then hard, now it is inbetween. I cant win with this cervix checking at all, its always changing.
    Any advice would be wonderful, im becoming obsessed with my cervix and cm and boobs and back pain and sickness...lol...i could go on.
    Thanks girls.
    Love Jacqui.
    x x x x x x x
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    Hi Jacqui,

    I am so glad to hear you are ttc again.. I hope you are feeling a bit better after the sadness of July, I too am now ttc again so I am also curious about all the ovulation signs and symptoms.

    I had quite bad ovulation pains when I conceived in June for about 2 weeks immediately following OV [which was around day 14] but then after my m/c in August I had weird ovulation type pains in my ovaries that lasted a few hours and then switched etc but mainly on my right side.. it turned out I have 4 rather large cysts on my right ovary which causes the pain and they came up after I lost my little bean [all the hormonal changes can cause cysts] and they think that is why I did not ovulate last month so I am hoping that when it is my left ovary's turn to do the biz I may get lucky again as it was my left ovary that released the lucky egg in June!!

    If you do conceive you will get niggly implantation / ovulation type pains anywhere from 1 day past ovulation right up to AF due date and beyond. When I conceived I had niggly cramps for 2 weeks and so when AF didn't arrive I was very confused! The other weird thing was that I did NOT get sore boobs or back which would have been usual PMT signs and the usual cramps were not there either, just these weird niggles which I later realised were implantation pains not AF cramps!

    As for the cervix and CM.. not sure.. have never really taken much notice but I expect now I am ttc I will... however I have noticed that since my m/c I have had very little CM.. been really dry [sorry if TMI!] even when the most fertile time of month there is very little there... maybe my body is not ready to try again. And during my AF at moment I am really suffering from nausea which I have never had before.. very strange how every cycle is different!

    As for being obsessed... thats what ttc does to us!!

    Good luck and take care.. keep us posted!!


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