No movement - is it ok?


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Jul 5, 2005
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Is it ok for me not to have felt anything yet do you think?

After asking around, and reading books and being on the net, most reckon I should of at least feel some fluttering now (Im 20 weeks on Tuesday) I know its early for the kicking etc - but Ive not felt any fluttering / or anything like it.

I have my 20 week scan on Friday so hopefully I will be reassured then - just wanted to know if anyone else has been the same.

This is my first - so hoping that makes a difference, as I know you can feel more, the more you have
Hi Lisa

I am on my third and its only been in the last week or so that I have felt anything definate. I was really worried coming up to my 20 week scan as I felt sure that I should have felt something by then. But all was well and I'm certainly feeling the little one kicking away now!!

Try to relax and you never know - your little bean may take you by surprise any day now!

a lot of women dont feel anything on their first child hun till 20 weeks and after so try not to worry im sure everything will be fine xxx
My midwife tld me not to worry until past 23 weeks as anything up to then is considered normal :D
it could be that your placenta is positioned on the front wall of the uterus (anterior), that can prevent you from actually feeling the kicks/flutters to begin with. i felt kicks very early, but at the scan they said it was because my placenta was on the back wall (posterior). i have friends who haven't felt anything until week 20-22, and they have all had placentas that were anterior.

maybe if you ask at your scan they will tell you (they do check the position of the placenta anyway, but they might not tell you if you don't ask)
I can only repeat what the other girls have said hun. If you feel nothing by 23 wks I would speak to your MW. I didnt feel kicks til I was 20 wks and they are only just getting stronger now.
Same advice from me as well Lisa - you may also be carrying a lot of amniotic fluid which can mean you don't feel kicks so early. If you're worried are you able to see your midwife just so she can have a listen with the doppler just to put your mind at ease?

Thanks Girls you have put my mind at rest a bit - I have my scan on Friday, so Im just getting a bit anxious that they are going to say something has happend (its funny how you think that after the 12 week mark you wont worry any more - but in reality you still worry as much!)

Feel a bit reassured now though after all your comments - I was starting to think that I was abnormal for not feeling anything yet.

Petchy - I will try and remember to ask about the placenta - will have to write it down - going to make a list because my head is the equivalent to a sieve at the moment!

L x

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