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New Pushchair - Cant Decide Which Ona

mummykay said:
zia deffo - but im biased!! :wink: :lol:

:rotfl: :rotfl:

i really cant decide, i know this is going to the the last pushchair i buy (untill i have another LO :rotfl: ) and i want it to last.

i'd have them both if i could afford it
which colour zia do you have mummykay!

i really like the pink but i saw that one on ebay it is new ans has the coseytoes so if i bid on it and wo it for £80 it would be a bargin.

and i could use it if i hve another baby :D
i have the blue turqoise one, since my boy looks like a girl i thought the blue buggy would be a giveaway lol :lol: :lol:

and this is my last buggy for him until the next baby haha :roll: :lol:
well after reading a few bad reviews about the ziko and lots of great reviews off lozzi and mummykay i have decided on the Zia in cranberry.

ordered it tonight cant wait for it to come :dance:
Jut saw this but I would of defo said the Zia, I LOVE mine, it fab!!!

We got black one, and our Quinny Buzz footmuff fits perfectly in it so she looks so snuggly and comfy in it :cheer:
Had an email saying its been dispatched today so it should be here tomoro, cant wait :dance:

Lozzi is going to help me look for a buggy snuggle for it (she knows all the bargins :D ) if i cant find one that isnt too expensive ill get the matching cosytoes

We got black one, and our Quinny Buzz footmuff fits perfectly in it so she looks so snuggly and comfy in it

We couldnt decide whether to get the pink or the black, but decided on pink in the end
Wow I LOVE it, and so does Olivia!

Haven't taken it out yet as it only came half hour ago but have pushed it around the room and i love it! Olivia is still sat in it and wont get out :wall:

I really didnt thik it was going to come, i went out to toddler group xmas party this morning and was parying it didnt come while we was out! Got home at 11.45 and there was no card through the door! So i waited in for the rest of the day and it finally came at 5.30!

I think i have found the perfect pushchair, so DH will be pleased that i wont be needing anymore :dance: :dance:

I've bought this buggy snuggle to go in it

http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/ws/eBayISAPI.dll? ... :IT&ih=018

Cant wait for it to come :D

Tnx for ll of your help Lozzi and Mummykay

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