Negative tests, no period, could I be pregnant?

Discussion in 'Am I Pregnant?' started by Rose360, Apr 8, 2020.

  1. Rose360

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    Apr 8, 2020
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    My period usually lasts about 30 days...I’m currently on day 44 with consistent spotting over the last week. It started off tan and then a dark brown, but now it’s mostly pink and occasionally red.
    I’ve taken 3 pregnancy tests and they all say negative and normally I’d accept that, but this is just irregular for me, especially since I haven’t had my actual period. I unfortunately don’t know whether I ovulated or not as I have not been doing testing.
    My breasts are heavy, swollen and tender and I’m having off and on nausea.
    Could I be pregnant or are my body’s hormones all out of whack? I’m so confused!
  2. Coconutfox

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    Mar 21, 2019
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    If they say negative chances are you're not pregnant, especially considering you're so late into your cycle. It could be an an anovulation. Where you haven't ovulated this month. It is totally normal and will happen to everyone at some point, some more than others.

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