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myspace help!?!


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Oct 13, 2006
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iv recently changed my email address coz we got a new broadband provider. iv tried to change it on myspace but its sent a confirmation code to my OLD email- which no longer exists :wall:
how do i get around this?
Sign up for an online webmail account for things like passwords and so on and then you are never tied to your service provider and its set email addys.

I'd go grab a Gmail or Yahoo UK account and just have it all sent to that one instead. And then keep it for other online stuff also.

Erm, I've no idea if this is doable. I don't use TheArseOfTheIntern... I mean MySpace, I loathe it but on similar sites you can usually change the default email addy easy enough as long as you can still log into your account wherever it is.
hi hun, when logged onto your profile there is a settings bit and in that you can change your contact email address have you tried this?
yeah i kno i did but i need to put a confirmation code in, and it sent it to my OLD address- which dont exist! :wall:
idk how 2 get around it, maybe ill message Tom
yeh i would ask him for help hun, hope you get it sorted.


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