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Nov 6, 2005
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hi all sorry im just excited i went to see the midwife and the consultant yesterday as my blood count is very low and ive been taking folic acid and iron tablets all through my pregnancy and its still too low. My last pregnancy my waters broke at 26 weeks and i had to have a blood transfusion so we were discussing the options yesterday. They have decided not to give me another blood transfusion just yet as last time i started to hemeridge after adele was born. So they are going to leave me untill this baby is born that way if i do hemeridge again i will get my blood just so im not getting it now and losing half again in 2 weeks. but the good news is ive to be taken in on monday the 20th at 8pm to start being induced my due date is the 21st so hopefully i will go before

I guess ima little scared as when they were telling me what was involved i wasnt listening i was away in a dream was just so excited. So if one of you lovely people could please take the time and just explain what happens or if you have been through it your experience with being induced would be great.

thankyou all

love n hugs jean


i was induced after my waters broke and they put me on the drip basically an iv and i was nervous but it wasnt all that bad except they woudnt let me off the bed unless i had to pee which i wanted to walk around during early labour it sucked.That could depend on the doctors though i dont know.... i kept lying and saying i had to pee so i could get up i felt trapped. but either then that lots of people dont mind being induced and at least you know for a fact your babies on the way.
Good luck and my advice bring anything that will make you more comfortable.
xxx Katrina
thanks katrina my waters havent gone just yet but im hoping they will before i have to go in. All i can rememeber the midwife saying was i will be brought in at 8pm be examined and given the gel then left and examined again in teh morning so do you know what will happen the next morning if i will get more gel or if they will send me home?
sorry im being a nervouse
hey jean!
if you remember i was induced as well. after your first lot of gel they check again in the morning and then depending on how its going you're either in labour or they put in a second lot which you're supposed to go home after but seeing as you're not overdue it may be different. i had to stay in after the second lot. and if that really doesnt work you get a third lot. the gel is in fact to soften your cervix and get it all ready, your body must do the rest -so its impossible to say what will happen after

it will be fine though honey! will be thinking of you lots..
and we will meet to celebrate after :D xxx
wooo hooo i cant wait till its all over with. hows you doing pips sorry i havent been on much just adele is playing up big time at the moment think shes just going through a little fase but im sure it will pass once baby is here.

will try catch you soon hun take care love n hugs

i know im really excited but at the same time im a lil scared but i just cant wait till its all over and i can say for sure that this is the last all ive done is moaned from teh day i found out i was

ive got a funny feeling i will go on my own before i get took in but im sure this baby will come soon enough

wow jean! only 10 days to go for you! you must be in a state of nerves!!
how is adele? is she being difficult? i hope she is ok

things are going quite well here, apart from the fact i'm in the middle of uni exams and i'm still not in the perfect state to go in for them. i hate leaving my wee one as well.. :(

but she is a little angel (in dirty nappies :lol: )

take care of yourself hun xxx
(crazy i still write more on here than on new mums, whenever i find the time)
i think adele is just being herself its just me and my hormoans just feel like shes being a little madam sometimes im just trying to ignore it best i can but shes been good and helping me get everything sorted in the babies room so far but think its going to be a big shock for her when the baby is here but i will involve her in anyway i can and we have bought her a little prezzy for when she comes to the hospital to see the baby we will just say the baby brought it for her that way she doesnt feel left out

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