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mummy diaries


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Sep 14, 2007
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i've made the mistake of watching it on my own this week and not stocked up on the tissues
so am i we can be there for each other
last time i was crying two mins in to it
last week, i did well, i didnt cry till the very end but only because my brother was there.
this week i as crying at the clips of whats coming up at the start
i was crying and in the middle of it laughing at that 5 year old
oh god, need they have put that on the end, id only just stopped crying
I havn't seen this weeks yet i will hav to watch it on 4od i read about it on here last week and i thought to myself why are they all crying about a programme for so i went to find out and watched it online and was cryin within 2 minutes!!

it's such a sad programme but so fascinating at the same time.
where can you watch it online? i keep missing this programme.
on 4od if you dont have it go to www.channel4.com and look for 4 on demand and download it to your computer and then you will be able to watch both episodes for free.
ugh, that was so sad. :cry: Those poor little ones. It was when that 5 yr old said "id really have appreciated it if mummy had died when she was much more older"..so cute, but so heartbreaking :(
Yeah it was really sad and i think the 5 year old understood more than they gave her credit for to be honest.
I watched this for the first time on Thursday and I was crying my eyes out. It is soooo sad :cry:

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