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May 14, 2005
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I have been feeling baby move now for about 3 weeks and felt it everyday for about 2 weeks. But yesterday and today i havent felt baby moving at all :?.

Then this morning i woke up with aching in my lower half of my stomach and its still here now, i can only feel it when im walking round though but its quite painfull.

I cant phone this midwife as she is on holiday atm.

Im worrying now expecially as i havent feel him move, has anyone else experienced this? If you have, was it anything to worry about?

Rachel xx
HI, I did get pains and still do, If you are worried you should go to a hospital and get everything checked out!
I've had those kinds of pains today too, very achy and niggly pains. I haven't felt any kind of movement yet as I'm only 16 weeks.

Definitely get it checked out if you're worried. See if they can listen to the heartbeat for you.
i had afew occasions when i didn`t feel my baby move, they say you should lay on the sofa and drink a cold glass of water.

if u still don`t feel any movement after 1/2 hr, phone your midwife they will happily do a scan or listen to bubba`s heart.

it will also make u feel better knowing all is ok
hi hun i spoke to my midwife about this on thursday im 22 weeks and sometimes dont feel baby move for 2/3 days and its quite normal it usually just means baby is lying in a position where u wouldnt feel it i also get a lot of pains which ive been told is stretching etc if your worried your doctor will happily listen to the heart beat for you or your practice nurse hope all is well xxxxxx

Thanks for your replies, im probably worrying over nothing lol.

I phoned the hospital earlier and spoke to a different midwife from my own and she made me an appointment for tommorow morning to check me over and listen to the heartbeat ect.

Rachel xx
thats good then

did u try the laying down water drinking trick?

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