Luke James Webster. 11/02/07 4lbs 4 3/4 oz


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Apr 11, 2006
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Luke James Webster 11/02/07 10am. 4lbs 4 and 3/4 oz.

As you know we had a busy week with problems the week leading up to the arrival and we had a planned section booked for monday. i went into labour on saturday night as he just couldn't wait. so i went in and i was having contractions but wasn't dilating so they let me contract all night and planned the section for 9am sunday morning. by this time the contractions were really painful and i hadn't had any pain relief. anyway had the section, not a great experience as the spinal block i had did not take on my right side of my stomach and unfortunatly i felt a lot of pain in fact i felt the entire thing, the anaethatist was reluctant to give me too much stronger drugs til luke was delivered but he had to as i was in agony hence the fact luke came out very flat and had an APGAR of 2 they flashed him in front of my eyes briefly and whisked him off to neonatal unit where he picked up really quickly, but i had to have a lot of strong pain relief that knocked me right out they were so close to putting me to sleep as i couldn't cope with the pain but in hindsight i'm glad this didn't happen. because of all this i didn't see luke properly til 18.00 that evening 8 hours after he was born, gary went over and had lots of cuddles but i just didn't feel well enough, but when i saw him i fell in love instantly and couldn't believe i could love him so much.

luke stayed in neonatal til wednesday evening and then came back to the ward with me. he is slow to feed and my milk took ages to come in and the midwives were really pushing breast feeding which i found so painful as he couldn't suck well and would chomp on my nipple and it was agony i finally lost it one day and insisted i start using a bottle and it worked and thankfully now we are home and i'm doing what i like and he is thriving. i am expressing every 3 hours so he is getting some of my milk and being topped up by formula as well- which is working well.

despite all of the above i would go through it all 10 times over to get the end result. he is perfect and i love being a mum he is good as gold and sleeps between feeds waking every 3 hours or so. gary and i are so lucky to have him.

all the best to those who have had there little ones also. and good luck to those who labour is iminent.
Luke is home.

Dad and luke on neonatal unit

this is my man and me (not looking my best!!)
he is gorgeous rusks - well done and congratulations :cheer: :cheer: :cheer:
Congratulations rusks, he is beautiful. Wow every three hours feeding, that's great! Good luck with everything. :D
He is beautiful! Welcome Luke :wave: you must be so proud. Sorry you had such a tough time :hug:
Congratulations Rusks & Welcome Luke :cheer:

Glad he is home and well and you are doing things your way :hug:
hello little Luke!! :wave:
glad ur ok rusks, enjoy bein a mummy!!
awww hes so lovely well done hun xxxxxxxxx
Congratulations!!! :cheer: :cheer:

What a gorgeous little man :hug: xxxx
Ah Rusks he is such a dear little thing - congratulations :cheer: :cheer:
He is just perfect Lisa congratulations you have been so brave :hug:
He is so adorable ........... many congratulations :dance: :dance:

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