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May 17, 2005
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Hi there, just wondered if there were any recommendations for getting rid of this horrible nausea. Mine has been building for days and now i just feel sick all the time, thankfully i am not being sick all the time, but its there. Saturday night I made steak for my and my partner, but i couldnt have eaten it if you had paid me. I had an egg instead, it came right back up, yesterday it was chicken, no way I could eat it. The only things I seem to want to eat are noodles, potatoes and bread and gravy!

I tried crystallised ginger which I heard was supposed to help but I cant eat it either.

Jacq x
i read this on a pregnancy site i go to...

If you are taking vitamin B6 to help with nausea, you may find it also improves the condition of your skin.

not sure if it works but i guess its worth a try
Jsut checked my multi vits and they are B12. Saying that, I forgot to take them yesterday and Saturday and thats the 2 days that I felt the worst. I'll see if it makes a difference taking them this week.

Thanks much
Jacq x
Hi JacqWish,

I can totally identify with what you're going through - I'm in my 6th week & I'm constantly queasy from when I wake up till about 6/7pm!!

The only thing working for me right now is to eat little & often of whatever I fancy - don't stress about getting a healthy balanced diet at this stage - it really doesn't matter too much just yet.

I'm living on gallons of water with dry crackers, ginger cereal bars, ginger biccies, salt & vinegar crisps, bread, jacket potatoes, bananas, etc. - all stuff I don't normally eat that much of!! I've completely gone off salad, veggies, meat, milk, etc!!

Everyone I've asked has said they were similar & that it does eventually pass, so don't worry too much about it - mmmmmmmmm - easier said than done I know - it's no fun at all right now is it??!!

Hi All,

I am also in the same boat,
I am feeling sick all day, it gets worse after i have eaten and it lasts till i can finally get to sleep,
i am permanently tired to the point where i have to sleep in the afternoon, if i dont then i am in bed at 7!!! but i can only nap weekends cos i work afteroons mon- fri.

The worrying thing is that i didn't have it this bad with Amy, i literally had the sickness AM.

Andy thinks its funny to joke about it being twins!! :roll:

Oh well hopefully it will go in a month or 2!!

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