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Labour position!


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Mar 3, 2007
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Just wanted to ask what position did you find most comfortable during labour? With my DD, I was all around the room--on the floor, leaning over the side of the bed... Although they told me at my ante-natal classes that the midwives are accomidating and will help you deliver whichever way feel most comfortable, my midwife kept trying to get me into the text book, on yer back, feet in stirrups position. I couldn't do that as my back KILLED. I actually delivered my DD leaning over the back of the bed. When I had actually given birth, it was a good 5 mins, before anyone attended to me, I was just left there with my arse in the air asking if I could move now, could I hold my baby, etc. I was the last to hold her (after her daddy, and my mother) and with THIS baby, I want to be the first. I want her placed on my chest asap. So should I try my hardest for a horizontal delivery?!
with my first i was on my back on the bed and it was horrid.
with my second and third i was standing and that was good it really helped
with my forth i was on all fours on the bed it was ok but i prefer standing
hey midna, I had to have the drip. They let me stand for most of my dilating, I could wheel the drip bag around with me. But for the pushing they pretty much put me on the bed, although I could switch from on my side to on my back as I wanted and they actually suggested to do that.

unfortunately cos JT heartrate dropped i was on my back with legs in stirrups :roll: not how i wanted to be :hug:
I stayed sat up on the bed until I needed to start pushing and then I got up on my knees and lent over the back of the bed and I think that gravity did help. When Jake's head was nearly out I turned back over so that I was lying on my back (not totally flat). I couldn't get up and walk around because i'd had an epidural. I was only pushing for half an hour all together though so the positions I was in seemed to work for me.
I was on my back with DD and tore badly. I wanted to be on all fours or kneeling up with DS in a birthing pool but I was made to get out and birth on my back which I wasn't happy about.
i was all over the place i couldnt decide what position to get in coz it hurt whichever one i was in! luckily i got my home birth i'd wanted so i felt comfortable with wandering around wherever i felt like. i remember when i felt a contraction coming i would stand up, walk a few steps, kneel down, stand up again, sit down, turn around, etc etc it was like i had ants in my pants lol! think i was trying to run away from them!
i found it helped most when i got into the birth pool coz the water supported my weight and i could float around.
i ended up giving birth on the bed lying on my back, when i lay down the contractions were agony but i dont think it was the position i think more likely its coz we left the gas & air downstairs so i had no pain relief! one think i did like about lying down tho was the rest from being upright- i hadnt slept the nite b4 and was so tired i just wanted to sleep. lying down was second best!
I was either on my back or at the pushing stage lying on my right hand side, the midwife told me that was really unusual and most women who are on their sides lie on their left side, i was apparently the first in her 10 years as a midwife she had seen on the right???

Dont know why this is or why i chose the right i was not exactly with it towards the end due to diamorphine!!
I was hanging over the settee in the lounge!!! I must have been holding on pretty tight cos my shoulders and arms killed the next day!!! When that position was no longer effective, I was semi reclined on the floor, against the settee, holding my ankles! What a sight!
midna said:
This is my first and the most uncomfortable position to be in is on my back ...I just dont know how the hell women labour like it...lol

However I face being induced I fear that if that drip gets involved Ill be quite limited and probably on my back which will suck !!

Plus if you are standing, kneeling, squatting etc, you have gravity helping you.
Sweetcheeks24 said:
unfortunately cos JT heartrate dropped i was on my back with legs in stirrups :roll: not how i wanted to be :hug:

Same here, they couldnt get a trace on Maddison so I had no choice but to be on my back with legs in stirrups :(
Thank you all for your replies. For those of you who delivered vertically, did you get to hold your babies straight away? Or did I just have a bad midwife?
i was leaning over the back of the bed or standing for a lot of it.. but at pushing stage the pressure was sooo intense i asked to lay on my back.. sorta upright.. my birth vids in tri 3 if u wanna watch :) lol
With Mason I had a long labour and an epidural so was on my back.

With Brody I had a beanbag on the bed and was leaning over it, so kind of on all fours.

This time I am going to be one of those women who walks right in a puts herself on the epidural waiting list. I had no time for pain relief at all with Brody it was awful :( I'd like to stay mobile for a bit but then have an epidural.
On my back... but then I had an epidural... :) and was being monitored.... was on my side for a little while but that was a big mistake :rotfl:
I had an epidural so had to sit up with my legs up in stirrups, before that, while the pain bas milder I prefered to neal on the floor with my arms resting on the bed (at home)

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