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Just discovered Im pregnant advise please

Becky Hella

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Dec 20, 2019
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I am 5 months pregnant and only found out yesterday. I was in care as a kid and don't speak to any of my family, just my younger brother, who can't offer any advise. I didn't really plan on having kids, got pregnant by accident but obviously will keep them. I am not with my ex anymore, he wasn't a nice guy and I wouldn't want him involved with the baby. Just looking for a few pointers about what to do, and when.
Do I need to do any admin type things before the baby is born or is everything done after? I work full time at the moment and havent told them yet, as only just found out but I guess I'll have to tell them for maternity leave. I am not sure I will be able to return full time after though as will be on my own, my brother could babysit sometimes on weekends but hell be in sixth form on weekdays so I'll probably only be able to work part time. I rent a 1 bed flat privately at the moment, which I could not afford on weekend only hours though. I have heard of child tax credits and things but honestly have no clue about anything like that. I won't have to pay tax if I earnt that little and looks like I could get some benefits as long as I work under a certain amount. I don't want to end up unable to pay my rent and dont want to not get support if it is there just because I didn't realise so any pointers about anything I need to get on and do before the birth please? Sorry for essay my head is a little all over the place atm
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Hi hun.

Congrats. How are you feeling?
Are you in the UK? You need to ring your local midwives (I just rang the women’s hospital) and get registered as being pregnant. You can ring your doctors and ask for the number if you don’t know how to find it. From there you will be monitored and will have your scans etc. Do this ASAP.
In terms of support you are entitled to benefits if you work around 16-20 hours (I think) so my advice would be to speak to your employer and go to your local one stop for advice about finance. Also google some single parent resources in your area!?

Good luck
congrats.I wish you a healthy pregnancy x
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