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It's so typical..


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Jul 3, 2007
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Had the worst night ever last night girls, I'm sure you all recognise some of this stuff... a massive tension headache (which I've been having all week) to the point of thinking my eyeballs were gonna pop out, really breathless and palpitating, feverish and dizzy and generally feeling like I was going to curl up and die. I really thought this is it!! My blood pressure must be hitting the roof or the baby is digging its way out already!!

So, I drag myself out of bed and to Maternity with hubby at 6 am, and of course they run all the normal checks, urine, BP, baby monitor and guess what... there is NOTHING wrong with me and baby is happy as larry! She said it was 'just one of those preggy things, probably a cold or a bug' and seemed annoyed that I had wasted an hour of their time. GRRRR!!

Of course its great to know everything is fine, but how on earth are we supposed to know that with all these nasty symptoms! And do they think its FUN to be trying to keep your eyes open with toothpicks, feeling death warmed up, and still drive to hospital at 6 am? Aghh! :wall:

Rant over sorry.. :oops:
:hug: :hug: :hug: you were right to go!!!

Do you feel better now
Thank you ladies :hug: I do feel better now, went up and had a sleep for 2 hours. Still feeling a little stressed, my son has mock GCSE's this week (so I am feeling his stress) and hubby is being hammered at work with problems. It's ok for him to say 'You relax, stay in bed and don't worry about anything' but just feel so rotten alot of the time, it makes you feel terrible for not being on top of everything doesn't it?

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