Is There Any Treatment Can Cure Hydrosalpinx without Surgery?

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    When the fallopian tubes are filled with fluid, then hydrosalpinx would occur. With hydrosalpinx, the lumen in fallopian tube that has been expanded and those haven’t been expanded yet can still be interlinked; patients often have intermittent vaginal drainage, so usually the only sign of hydrosalpinx is infertility. As hydrosalpinx won’t show any other obvious symptoms except infertility, it is hard for patients to know that they already have it.

    Surgery is the fastest way that may help then get pregnant successfully, though they totally know that bad effects of surgery.

    So that’s why many doctors would introduce surgeries, such as IVF, Salpingectomy, and Laparoscopic to females who have hydrosalpinx. Regardless of it would bring great harm to women’s body’, and it would bring some complications to women after the surgery at the same. That’s to say, surgery is a double-edged sword, it could cure hydrosalpinx at the shortest time, however, it also put patients with high risk of infecting more serious diseases.

    And with the rapid development of today’s technology, there are many people wondering are there any better treatment that could cure hydrosalpinx without surgery? Fortunately, the answer is yes. A better solution for hydrosalpinx has been found. That’s the herbal medicine “fuyan pill” from Wuhan Dr. Lee’s TCM Clinic.

    Fuyan Pill goes under the perspective of traditional Chinese medicine(TCM). It has the effects of killing bacterial, eliminating inflammation, clearing heat, and activating blood circulation and removing blood stasis. So it could cure hydrosalpinx completely within several months. And it could also help patients gotten rid of hydrosaipinx symptoms completely without any pain. What’s more, it could help women repair their reproductive organs, thus the rate for them to get pregnant successfully would be increased.

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