Implantation bleeding help

I understand. It annoyed me no end, too. One cycle I had nearly 8 days of spotting before my body finally allowed me on! I wasn't best happy - just wanted it to be one thing or the other.
Yeah thats how i feel, i really feel due on now, Ive had a really weird month, no pms and i normally get that really bad, REALLY REALLY sore boobs too, waking up really early which i never do....
Oh i am getting sick of this trying and getting your hopes up lark now... i must be due on cos im feeling pretty down now...
Well, you never know. I felt like that this month and it was only some weird urge to test that meant I discovered we were pregnant! I know it sounds really patronising, but just try and relax. Run yourself a bath/make a cup of tea/whatever makes you feel better and try not to think about it too much.

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