Implantation bleeding help


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Apr 30, 2007
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Can anyone help me with implantation bleeding?
How much you get and over what period?
I have had a bit wed, pink when i wiped
Thurs small amount blood only pea sized
Then today a bit more mixed with clear m.

I usually start my p'd with spotting one day then gush the next, so bit confused its period although it will be 4 days early?

Came off the pill 4 months ago and periods not really back to normal, could it be implantation bleed?
It could be, I had small spots of pink on the tissue too.
i never usually spot before a period, it just usually comes on straight away. but about the 19th may when i was due to start my period, i had a light pink smudge when i wiped, and again later in the day. and that was it.
i wasnt thinking i could be pregnant, because i wasnt trying, so i just thought i would come on the next day, but i forgot about it and then on 22nd i just remembered that i hadnt come on, did a test and it was positive
good luck x
Oh really?! cool.
I dont usually spot b4 i start my period but have done since coming off the pill. which i was on for 5 years. lets hope it is, havent had anymore bleeding yet since yesterday morning. fingers crossed. i said in another post that i would test sunday - being when im due to come on. my father in laws birthday. I would be 20 weeks on hubby's bday and 40 weeks on my mums birthday. all to the day so very funny if i was!
Thanks for your answers. x
lol well my birthdays on 9th january, my boyfriends is 20th january, and babys due on 26th january, so were gonna be a family of capricorns haha
funny coincidences hey!
Congratulations to you :D
Lets home i get i positive on Sunday.
a few days ago when i wiped i had lil bit of blood,
today ive had a lil bit of brown cm ( i mean a lil bit)
im due on in 7 days anyone know wots goin on wiv me?
i had implantation bleed.. exactly the same.. pink cm in morning a little browner in afternoont hen nothing..

kimbo.. we are due at the same time.. im stressy coz my daughters bdays on 14th nov hubbys is the 24th im xmas day n this ones due end of jan... we domtn even have a month between bdays!! xmas is gonna be expensive from ehre on in.... :D
Well thanks for all your kind responses. I got a BFP on Sunday!!! yay.
I think im about 2 weeks behind you...will have to get a ticket now!
i dont have msn sorry :?
will eb on here tho, work have just banned me from it! :(
Yeah this sounds like what I had. Mine lasted on and off for about 2 week xxx
wow congrats!! well iv got a new due date... 27th jan. still all our birthdays are in jan, straight after xmas :? lol

my msn is [email protected]
When you had your inplantation bleed did it feel like you were going to come on? Ive got what looks like a dark discharge thats a little pink but nothing when i wipe, i've been feeling like im pregnant for thw last few days and now i just feel like i'm about to have my period....
well it didnt feel like iw as going to come on, no pains or nothing, but then again i never usually have bad pains when im due on, i just get moody.
there was no pain or anything when iw as spotting
Ive had what feels like a dull period pain on and off now for the last three days, im due on today/tomo and i've had what looks like a brownish pinkish spotting, could this be an implantation bleed or just my horrid monthlys? I dont normally spot and the only time i get pains is the day i come on so its rather weird....
It might well be either sunshine gal, unfortunately. My cycles changed hugely during the year that we were trying, in part from the stress of trying I think. I had some weird breakthrough bleeding three days before I got my positive, which was just extremely faint brown and then it dried up entirely.

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