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I'm having a ..............


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Jun 18, 2007
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Everything is fine with the baby and she showed us his bits, so there is no mistaking that it's a boy. Went straight into town and bought lots of blue clothes.

I'll put pics on later x x x x
congrats!!! I found out yesterday that I was having a boy and like you immediately went out and bought lots of blue stuff - boys clothes are so cute!!!
Yeah Taylor, thats what mt OH wants but I have a few friends who have that as a surname so I'm not totally convinced?!?!?!
congrats hun
hubby not happy that my "bump twin" is having a boy
he really wants us to have a girl :)
manda xx
in 9 days lol
i just no its going to be a boy now :)
im not bothered aslong as its all there no extra legs or anything :)
we will see if there is any truth in bumps being the same carry the same sex though :)
manda xx
Yeah Manda, it really will be an old wives tale if we are having different sexes!!!!!
I didn't think that PGH told you the sex? Im local to you and although im having all my scans at RBH im having bump at PGH. Maybe if i have bump early i might meet you in there!
Thanks everyone x x :hug:

Tots - They changed their policy on 1st September this year so thats how I found out :dance:

I'm having my baby at home, I had my second at home and it was really good, I'm actually looking forward to having it now!! Where abouts are you from then Tots??

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