if you ovulation late will your AF be late too? please reply


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Apr 28, 2005
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I don[t now how many months we've been trying now for a family but I've got to the end of day 28 and no AF. Did Clearblue test and it's negative. Don't know whether to laugh or cry - I do. I want to cry.
Does any know if you ovulate late whether that's an indication your period will be late?
Yes if you ovulate late then your period will normally come 14 days after that. Do you know if you have ovulated late or not? It can be very hard to detect especially if you dont keep track of your cm. Let me know if you know.
All my love Jacqui. x x x
Hi S give it a couple of days & test again. It might just be too early to test just yet. Best of luck. Baby dust to you xxx
Lorrie :wink:
Are you aware when you do ovulate, if so and you have ovulated 2 days later than normal, your period will come on day 30 but it depends if you are regular and do have a 28 day cycle or the test may not be picking up your levels of HCG, the pregnancy hormone. try another test and see. How many days are you late?
Thanks for the replies guys.
My period has always been every 28 for as long as I can remember until we started trying for a family in May. Since then it's every 26/27 days. I'm pretty sure my testers said I ovulated on day 15 this month - normally it indicates day 12 or 13.
I'm getting towards the end of day 28 and no period. This is unheard of for me.
Any thoughts gratefully appreciated.
So you could start af on day 29, oh how terrible for you to have to wait now until tomorrow is over. Ireally do hope it is good news for you. Let us know and try not to be temted to test until day 30. I have wasted so much money testing a day early. Keep you in my thoughts. Love Jacqui. x x x x
good luck s hope af stays away for you hun the last few months of ttc i ovulated 2-3 days early but af still came same time so you never know xxxx
Thanks to you all. Day 19 has arrived and no AF yet but I'm sure it will come today or tomorrow.
Even if it does, I've got a smile on my face thanks to the warm wishes in these messages.
Thanks very much.
Fingers crossed it's a BFP for you. What the girls have said is correct, the pre-ovulatory phase can vary from cycle to cycle but once you've ovulated the post-ovulatory phase is usually the same each cycle. It can range from between 12 - 16 days, so if you know that your post-ovulatory phase is 14 days then you can be sure that it will be that each cycle.

Good luck!
Thanks guys. AF arrived at 4pm today. After an hour or two of feeling very sorry for myself I'm fine again. Can't help but wonder if it's ever going to happen for me but I have to be optimistic.
Thanks again for your responses.
Ahh, so sorry to hear that your AF arrived, I know how your feeling, mine arrived this time last week but she's gone now.

Treat yourself with some choccie and your fave beverage :D

Here's hoping October is our month!

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