If I'm not pregnant what is wrong with me?


Mar 15, 2005
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I seem to be driving myself mad with the what ifs so thought I would ask some experts!
I am not actively trying to conceive and in fact I'm on the combined pill (which I have taken properly with no antibiotics or sickness and havent missed any) and have been for some time with no problems. I don't even get period cramps or any other sign for that matter (for which I count myself lucky). All I get is a slight sensation/light pain the morning my period starts for about 10 minutes and thats how I know its arrived.
However last month 10 days into my packet of the pill I woke up with period pains and had then for 48 hours solid. The following days my breasts started to get very sore and uncomfortable and the cramps returned on a daily basis. I went to see the DR who suggested that whilst unlikely, I could be pregnant and to wait and see. More symptoms followed including nausea and frequent urination (not sure how much these were due to the dr's suggestions and my head playing tricks on me).
My period arrived a day early and only lasted for 3 days which is highly unusual for me (normally is 6 days only stopped by the pill when I start a new packet). My breasts are still sore and I still have the cramps every day since this all started. I have had severnal negative urine tests and one negative blood test (I also got tested for urinary infections and had a swab taken for infection which all came back clear). If I'm not pregnant what on earth could be wrong with me? I can't find anything else with these symptoms? Other than PMS which I have never suffered from and if it was that surely the symptoms would have gone away when my period started/finished?? Please help :roll:
Hiya i was also on the combined pill and had simular symptoms and went to my doctor who did a urine and blood pregnancy test and both came out negative. A week later i was still geting the cramps so did a home test and it came out posative!
I suggest you try that and if its still negative get your dr to book you in for a u/s.

All the best Cadoline xx
thanks for the response. I can't get to see the dr's until tomorrow. Did you have exactly the same symptoms? You said similar? I'm still getting the cramps and sore boobs :cry:
Hiya i had sore boobs, it felt like i was going to come on my monthly, i had sharp stabing pains, i felt tird al the time an still do! im also animic so that didnt help and i needed to pass urine ALOT!

Cadoline xx
Hmmm went back to the drs (who I'm convinced now thinks I'm wasting her time). Told her the cramps and sore boobs are still there shes taken more tests which will take a week to come back and put me on antibiotics?
Strange thing is over the last couple of days my aerolas seem to have doubled in size and become all nobbly (she wasn't interested in that though). Very odd think I have some strange hormonal problem thats knocking me sideways at the mo :cry: I just want to feel normal again

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