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i don't want to go


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May 19, 2007
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this is my first blood test i have to go to on my own. Got to leave in an hour. I always get so hot and sometimes faint :cry: I HATE BLOOD TESTS is this the last one? (its my 36week one a week early and the hospital already have a sample of my blood!)
:hug: :hug: :hug: :hug:

I think each area is different when they do them. I had them at 28w and 34w- don't think I get anymore so hopefully you won't after this lot :hug:
Ive not had bloods taken since 27weeks so im presuming i'll be having more at my next MW appointment which is 37weeks?
i have 36 week bloods to.. they will be your last if they are all clear
i got told i dont get any more bloods taken. last was 28wk :)
i have to have my bloods done every 4 weeks! good job they dont bother me, if labour was as easy as a blood test id be laughin xx
just got back. I think she must of been a new nurse. i told her not to tell me what she was doing. I knew the needle was in and she said 'i can't get any blood out maybe i'm in your tendon' that was it for me. I was sweating like a pig!!

How odd how everywhere is so different. I checked and i'm like you lisa as these are meant to be my 36weeks if all clear thats it :D
hope they all come back ok and you don't need any more :pray:
i had my last bloods taken at 28 weeks.. not been told i need more.. i hope i don't cuz i hate it....

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