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'How To Get Away With Murder' - brill show on Netflix

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Feb 4, 2016
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We stumbled on this last week. It's really good; well, we are enjoying it. Quite dark and gritty
I am currently watching How to Make a Murderer. Its really interesting. I think I will have to have a look at what youre watching :)
'Making A Murderer' made me yell at the tele haha! And question my sanity.

Netflix does some great shows for when we are having a chill night x
I wanted to watch both of those shows but never got into them! We have netflix but never really use it. I might have to start!
We liked How To Get Away With Murder as well, we're currently watching Blacklist, Mr Lucky and Limitless, which are all good, but not sure if they're on Netflix. Elementary is my favourite though xx
Ah I have this on my list to watch, looks really good! My friends keep talking about it too lol
Started watching it now too half way through season 2, I'm a fan of anything Shonda rhymes does
I watched the first episode last night, the guy has been through hell :( Felt so sorry for him.
I tried watching it but got distracted by other things - only make it a few episodes in. Is it worth pursuing with?

I loved the first season of Making A Murderer though! Binged it in a day and was very mentally exhausted lol. Will be going back through the first season before moving onto the second season. I love true crime, it’s so interesting.
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