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How long after birth?


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Jul 16, 2007
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How long after the birth of your baby did you wait before allowing visitors to come round and see you & baby and did you allow family to visit you in hospital?

Also my OH's parents live about 40 mins away and his dad is very unwell, he has been recently diagnosed with cancer :cry: we would love for him to see our baby as soon as possible but wasnt sure what the most sensible thing was to do!? Should I be putting my newborn baby through a 40min journy to drive there to see him or wait & hope that he might get better and come down by car if his mum drives? I just dont know what to do :cry:

T xx
We had a couple round the same night we got home.
Our parents came to visit in the hospital and I asked friends to wait for about 4 days before visiting at home.
We had people come round a few days after id given birth
My parents and in laws were in the hospital 2 hours after my son was born, i dont think wild horses could have stopped them, my sisters and brother were in the next afternoon and we had visitors daily whe we got home for weeks!!

But and its a big but, i had a really straightforward labour alothough it went on forever, i had no stitches, i wasnt breastfeeding and therefore was not that tired or stressed so was delighted to show off my baby. I think it depends on all these factors so each case is different.
close family came about 5 hours after she was born, then everyday bl00ming day after, this time though it's going to be different
I Gave Birth 4:43am Monday & Got a Few Visitors About 2:30pm :)
I had visitors the next day, only cos Jack was born at 9pm and couldn't have visitors before hand.

You midwife will prob say to you.. it's not the baby they are so concerned about with trips outdoors its the mummy who needs to take it easy!

I'd say take the baby, hopefully it will give your FIL some strength :hug: :hug: :hug:
DD was born at 2.02am, I was home and my mum, stepdad and sisters came round that morning at 10am.
DS was born at home and as I live next door to my parents and it was a very quick birth with an ambulance crew present my mum was literally in the room minutes after the crew had left.
Other visitors like the inlaws came the next day.
Tiggy26 it's entirely up to you when you allow visitors, either to hospital or home, although hospitals have visiting times, so in that case you cannot. Also, if you aren't too well after the birth, or LO isn't, it may be recommended you and LO need rest and not to be disturbed. A 40min trip will be fine with a LO, they tend to love carseats and sleep real well in them anyway, just be aware LO may wake for a feed before you get there. Very best wishes and I wish your OH's Dad best wishes too, his Grandchild would be a welcomed visit at any time for him I'm sure :hug:
My dad came in to see James just after he was bom at 5.30am (OH wasn't there so my mum was my birth partner).
They both came again when visiting hours started a few hours later, I was glad of the company cos I was so bored in hospital. I was discharged the next day.

I was staying with my parents after the birth, and with it being 4 days before xmas there were loads of people in and out each day.

This time around I would like to keep visitors to a mimimum cos I found having a house full stopped me napping during the day, so I got very tired.

I don't think taking the baby to see your FIL would be a problem for the baby. When you visit people you have control over how long you stay too .
i gave birth at home at 4.45pm, i think my parents were here at around 6.30! just my parents and sister came on the day and other family members came the days after.

im sorry about ur OHs dad. :hug:

tbh i dont thnk newborns are as demanding as 6-month-olds as they only want milk, cuddles and sleep - they dont get bored u dont hav to entertain them, theyre fine as long as theyre not hungry or tired :lol:

coz i had a home birth we had to take melissa to the hospital the day after for all the paediatrician checks and that was 30 mins away - there and back- she was quiet as a mouse and slept half the time!

so id say if u and ur OH wanna go see him, go, dont worry. :hug:
I had visitors in hospital straight away. I had visitors at home the same day I got discharged. I took Nathan round to see my dad as he too had cancer and couldn't come out of the house and that was about 2 days later. He had MRSA at the time too but everyone said he would be ok as long as he didn't do a nappy change ( belly button and all that).
Family round first and second day then friends about a week after!Its up too you though hun and when you feel ready
i didn't really have visitors in hosp as visitn was only an hour but the evening i came home a had vistors round.

personally i would ask people to be flexible i was only in labour 2 hours and gave birth at 12.21 so didn't miss any sleep so was fine where i imagine someone in labour a long time would need a lot more rest
Because I had a homebirth, I had Finn at 4.30pm and my parents came around after work at 6!
40 min drive is nothing for a baby. New borns (espesially up to 2 weeks old) sleep about 22 hours aday.
When hannah was really young, every time she went into a car she would fall asleep straight away. We even got her on a 5 hour car ride to glasgow at 6 weeks old, without so much as a 'boo'.

Its when there 6 months plus traveling is more difficult.
Had Rubes by C section sat night, and didnt get back to ward until 11pm, when they sent OH home as everyone on ward was asleep :shock:

My sis and her hubby visited next day, then both our sets of parents that evening but we were quite strict on visiting, I was in pain and exhausted so only wanted to see family really....Oh and my best friend.

We asked people not to visit on the day we came home, we wanted to get used to being "us" first, and everyone as great and respected our wishes and telephoned first...we were honest ith them and asked them to come on a rota type basis so we werent overwhelmed with visitors...

The only bad point was a friend called with her fella, she stayed hours although we has said we were waiting to have some tea, she jigged Ruby up and down when she was asleep and woke her up :roll: and I was so tired and felt so unwell, I could barely hold a converstion...once they finally left a few hours later, I went to the loo and realised my scar was leaking fluid badly-I had a nasty infection and ended back in hozie that night so dont do too much and tell people when you are tired or had enough xxx

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