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Jun 11, 2005
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if you havnt missed a period...but you ave slept with your bf quite a few times without using anything and you think you may be pregnant how does it feel?....i keep get really bad stomach pains and feel really tired n sometymes sick? anyone help me plz
Hi Nat16!

Welcome to this forum! YES It Is possible, I am nearly 4 months pregnant and I had periods....How far gone do you think you r? Have you thought of testing with a home pregnancy kit?

Love Danielle and Bubble xx
well i had my period last month but then i have had unprotected sex quite a number of times and so i am waiting this month to see if i will come on but the waiting is really annoying me and i just wandered if there was any other symptoms you have apart frm waiting to see if you have missed your period
It's all a bit of a guessing game really - the surest sign you can get is usually a missed period (although saying that you can still have an implantation bleed). Sore breasts, bloating, tummy pains, sickness, etc all used to come hand in hand with my periods some months, other months nothing. So these symptoms are not always reliable. Some women simply just feel 'different'.

If you're late do a test - it's the easiest way I guess! Your doctor can do blood tests for you to check HCG levels if the test doesn't show up positive and you are still not on your period.

HTH and good luck with the outcome you want!
thnx sami....do you tend to be alot more hungry?.....i keep getting pains in my stomach as if im going to start my period but there never anything there which is strange...i guess im just going to have to wait n see if i come on this month which i havn't done so far
When I found out I was pregnant I kept getting periodpains like af was going to arrive, but it never did!
i have had periods all the way through my pregnancy and i still am having them, so periods are not always the best way to tell
thnx for the help...i guess im jst gunna have to play the waiting game....my stomach feels different...i keep getting cramps sometimes light but sometimes quite bad but i havnt bled yet...but im not due on till around the 16th so i dnt see why i should be getting the pains yet i never usually
i av ad thoses kinda pains wen in was pregnant wiv ma son n im avin agen wiv dis baby
i dow fink its d best way 2 tel if ur preg or not tho so i wud tek a test xx
Hi Nat!

Before i found out I was pregnant I had period pains, stronger than normal so always pushed away the test, thinking I will have my periods anytime but they never came!!! I did not have any unusual symptoms apart from my lateness in my periods but i was never really regular so it did not worry me too much. And a bit of advice when buying a test, you can buy a pack of 2, they r usually a few quid more than the single one but docotrs advise you to take 2 tests just to make sure so buy a pack of two, that will save you a bit. But do not delay your test!!!

Good luck!
hi nat i woz 5 n a half months preg b4 i found out!!ive now gt a beatiful baby girl who is 13wks old n i wudnt change dat 4 da wrld i suggest u take a test da lnga u leave it da mre complicated it will get luv sarah xxx

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