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How did ur labour start/progress?


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Feb 11, 2007
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I wanna know how ur labour started & progressed from having pains (regular labour contractions), a show or waters breaking (including if ur waters were broken for u in hosp).
Im basically trying to find out the % of people who have a show first and whos waters go first etc... thanks :)

If you've had more than one preg then just use ur most recent ;)

I did add an other option... but its not showing grrr :twisted: so if its none of the above then cud you please just give details!
I had period type pains for about 24 hours, then a show before going to hospital where they eventually broke my waters as i wasnt progressing quickly enough. He was lying not quite back to back more on his side!!
My waters went and then my pains started hours later, I dont think i had a show.
I had a show the day before I went into labour, the pains then kicked in the next day
pains on and off for 3/4 of the day
had show which came on off being checked
then had waters broke
My waters went, contractions began a few hours later but I never had a show
well I woke up with pains, went to the bathroom and was "bleeding" but then I now know it was my show :roll: No waters at all... the mw had to pop em for me... :)
I had period pains throughout the day which gradually intensified, started getting contractions around 5pm.
I went into hospital at around midnight and got my show not long afterwards.
I had to have my waters broken with the crochet hook thing when I was fully dilated, James was born at 5.30am :D
i had very mild "contractions" (effacing pains) every 5-8 minutes on the friday nite, they eased off on saturday. but when they came back on very late saturday nite/early sunday morning they were proper contractions, then i had my show late sunday morning and melissa was born at 4.45pm
i never noticed any waters but i had a long shower sunday morning and was in the birthing pool the later half of my labour
I had a show, my membranes ruptured, then comfortable contractions started within a couple of hrs and lasted for a long time, then I was induced..
I just started getting contractions and when i was fully dilated waters went then baby came
I felt my waters brake and went to the toilet and my show was in the toilet so they happened at the same time. Pains started a few hours later.
i was induced but water broke then contractions started imediately
waters, then show and then mild pains, so was induced.

infact my waters broke a year ago tonight :cheer: :lol:
I began to lose my plug about 5 days before although the bloody bit didnt go till Iwas in labour.
I had been losing my plug gradually for a couple of weeks, then on the Tuesday at 11pm as I was getting ready to go to bed, I lost all the plug that was left (pretty bloody), then we thought why don't we put a couple of towels in bed just in case and lol as soon as I went to bed my waters broke - 10 minutes after that my pains started - I was in hospital by 00:30 :)
my waters went on the thursday, started having painfull contractions on the saturday morning at 4am. i remember being on the forum asking for help because my OH was sleeping and wouldnt wake up.
Waters Broke Everywhere. LOTS :shock: Contractions Started & Waters Continued To Gush For 2 1/2 Days Along With Contractions & My Show Mixed In.
I was induced and had milld pains, then had waters broken and then started having proper contractions.

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